Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our first play group

The neighborhood right behind our house, Chantilly, has a mom's group that has a lot of events on its calendar. I signed myself up for the '1 and under playgroup' and Samantha and I went a visitin' today. I knew Samantha wouldn't be bringing much to the group...get a load of what she did for 3/4 of the time that we were there - so antisocial...

The playgroup was a hoot! There were babies crawling everywhere and a few that were walking. Even the hostess's dog got into the action.

While Samantha didn't bring much to the party, I enjoyed myself. I liked being able to talk to other moms that live near me and to compare notes about what their child has done and when. They are full of all sorts of useful information about the area too. Somebody confirmed that the big condo/townhome complex that is supposed to be built on my street is still moving forward. (woohoo)

I would love to be able to hostess one of the parties but it will probably have to wait awhile as Samantha has NO toys to share. We'll get there soon I'm sure.

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