Monday, July 26, 2010

Sammie's First Workout

So at the YMCA here in town there is a workout called "Baby Power Hour". You are encouraged to bring your baby - two years or younger - in her stroller to do some workouts. Samantha and I went today. It was a great workout - for anybody, new mom or not. We did sprints, we did weights, we did abs (ugh, have no core strength right now!) and boy oh boy did we lunge. We did walking lunges and squats all across that gym floor! There weren't any workouts with the babies but some moms had to pull their kids out of the carseats and use them as their weights as they did squats or overhead presses.

Samantha did alright. There was minimal crying about 30 minutes into the workout. I thought we might have to leave but she calmed down. There was a lot of music and the instructor yelling GO etc. I think it was too much for some of the kids. The music was fun for the workout but we could probably do without it since we all have kids there.

This class is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays and I am going to try to make as many as possible. Its nice to be able to bring Samantha and not have to pay for the daycare at the Y (which I haven't registered for yet but will soon!)

Snapped a quick photo...we lined the strollers all along the one side of the gym while we did our exercises. You can see some moms ready to workout, some chasing toddlers and some trying to get infants to be happy again. Oh how things have changed!

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