Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Months

Samantha is a whole two months old today! (see her one month photo here) I can't believe its already been two months and at the same time I can't believe its only been two months. It seems like I have loved her forever.

MILESTONES: She is a joy to our lives and we see her learn more and more every day. You can tell there is so much more going on behind her eyes now. She sees us and smiles a lot. I love this smiling milestone. It just melts your heart. A couple of nights ago she didn't necessarily want to go back to sleep after she ate at 3:30am and I was a little exasperated. But there she was looking at the ceiling fan and just smiling and smiling. How can you be upset with that? Samantha LOVES a good ceiling fan! She will also follow our movements with her eyes which was a fun milestone to hit as well. She is super strong and can hold her head up for long stretches of time. Her little legs and arms are working working working all the time.

GENERAL: She eats very well. We are getting feedings in about every 2.5-4hrs except at night of course when we stretch it a bit further. However, she is also very good at spitting up. It can even be hours after she ate and she will spit up a good amount (sigh). I hear she comes by it honestly, that I was a good spitter upper myself. I also think it has something to do with her lazy flap in her esophagus. It lets things up more easily. Hopefully we will grow out of this soon! She had some good cradle cap and peeling after the baby acne went away. It almost all gone which is good. I would pick at her and that sure didn't make her happy!

SLEEP: We are still sleeping about the same as we were at the one month update. She falls asleep usually around 9:30/10:00pm and she will sleep until 3:00 or 4:00am. We'll be up for about a half hour and then she will wake up again somewhere around 7:00am. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I am getting at least 8 hours of sleep which is better than before she came along! The only difference is having the interruption in sleep which does make a difference.

EXERCISE: I have gotten into running again, but it is hard! My friends are nice enough to slow down for me a bit and I got to run with Fred a couple of times at our annual beach vacation. He was happy enough to walk with me when I needed it. Otherwise Samantha, Murphy and I go for a walk or a walk/run almost every day. I will go into the neighborhood behind us and run down one street and then walk up the next street with the hill then repeat a few times. I suppose its like interval training a bit. I am going to try to get myself to the YMCA more for some swimming and I think I might be ready to get back on a bike here soon. I have a stretch goal to do a triathlon this fall.

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