Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road trip to Chapel Hill

So we are able to say something new...we are able to DRIVE to visit Rick's sister Christine and her husband and three kids. After living in Chicago for almost 20 years they have returned to North Carolina and have bought a beautiful home near Chapel Hill, NC.

Even Murphy got to come along - here he is looking sleepy in the back seat...

We had a fun time visiting with them. Rick and Ed tried out the neighborhood golf course while Christine, the kids and I went for walks along the neighborhood nature trails and hung out around the house.

Brigid and I did each others hair. Here is Brigid showing off her fabulous hair do. Model in the making.

I think I did a great job - perhaps I have a future in hair design? We counted - we got 34 bows in her hair! :)

Here is the picture that Brigid took of me with my fabulous make-over...

That afternoon we met the guys at the community pool. It was such a nice pool. Has a little kids wade-in area and a few lanes for lap swimming if so desired and if you happen upon the pool when there aren't all the families in it. Though I thought there was going to be a lot more people there. It was pleasantly busy. The kids were able to play with some of the other children that they met there and we were able to enjoy the salt-water pool. Samantha also had her first time in the pool. I forgot a bathing suit for her - bad mother - but we just took her in wearing her onesie and later just in her diaper.

She seemed to really like it. She didn't cry or fuss so that means she loved it right?

We also bought Ed & Christine's car - its a good thing we had two cars for the drive back because we came home with a TON of hand me downs from the cousins. This is Samantha **loving** the bouncy seat hand me down. Makes me wonder why we didn't have this thing like two months ago! Its a must have!!

Fun weekend - welcome to North Carolina Ed, Christine, Declan, Brigid and Ciaran!

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