Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Month Doctor's Visit

We went today to the pediatrician and saw the nurse practicioner there which was nice because she is a lactation consultant and it was good to be able to ask some breast feeding questions of her. Here is Samantha's two month stats compared to her one month visit:

Weight - 12lbs 5oz - 70th percentile (up 1lb 10oz)
Length - 22.5in - 34th percentile (up 1in)
Head - 40.5cm - 76th percentile (up 2cm)

Now, I got these percentiles online...I forgot to ask at the pediatrician's office. She seems larger compared to other kids I've seen so I wonder if some of those percentiles should be higher?

Samantha did very well though we were kept waiting in the room for 30 minutes before the nurse could come in and see us and that was about 30 minutes too long for Samantha. Right at 30 minutes she decided she was hungry and done being there and was getting fussy. She propped herself up on her elbows which I hadn't seen her get that high before. She has always seemed to have really strong neck muscles. I suppose rolling over will come soon? No more leaving her alone on the bed while I get something from the bathroom!

She also got three shots today for vaccinations. Her vaccinations were Pentacel (combo of DTap, IPV, and Hemophilus meningitis), PCV (penumococcal meningitis) and Rotavirus. I knew they were coming and I knew she would cry but when that nurse stuck her with the first needle, Samantha's eyes got real big and then she let out a very loud cry. The nurse was good she did them real quick to get them over with. I was surprised at how much I cried this time. My poor baby. But really I do think she was more concerned about how hungry she was. I hear that a lot of babies get real fussy with all of these vaccinations at once. Hopefully we'll be fine. We have lots of events for the wedding of our friends Tara and Jimmy to go to over the next few days.

Her next doctor's visit isn't until 4 months.

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