Friday, August 13, 2010

A visit from Dayton

Today we had a fun visit from Dayton, OH in the form of Tricia! I met Tricia when I lived in Dayton while working for GE. Immediately when I moved there I looked up the local Junior League to see if there were any events I could attend in order to meet some people. The only thing going on was a book club meeting that same week. I hadn't read the book but thought I could definitely drink some wine and eat some appetizers. At that book club meeting I met Tricia!

Tricia is taking a driving tour of many of the eastern states. She headed south through Tennessee to Atlanta and then drove up to Charlotte where she visited with us and some other friends she had in town. She came and held Samantha and put her right to sleep! She's hired! We also went and had lunch at Dish. She has consulted The Food Network and their recommended restaurants in the towns she is going to visit. Rick and I hadn't been to Dish in awhile even though its a mere mile away from our house. Its good southern cooking and we really enjoyed it! We will have to return soon.

Thanks for visiting Tricia! So glad we made your itinerary!

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  1. So glad that you guys were available! And loved, loved, loved meeting Sammie! And thanks for going to lunch with us Rick! And ya'll MUST go to the Soul Gastrolounge for an amazing "date night" too. :-)