Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A visit from Syracuse

Samantha had a very special visitor this weekend! My friend Jennifer who lives in Syracuse, NY came to visit us Friday thru Sunday. Jenny (I still call her Jenny even though she hasn't gone by that in about 10+ years - old habits are hard to break!) and I met in 7th grade when I lived in Manlius, NY. We met in the tall girl section of the choir. When I moved after my freshman year of high school, we still called and talked and visited regularly. With us both having children now (hers much more active than my Samantha!) we don't talk as much but it still is good to get together and catch up!

Unfortunately when Jenny landed, I had to pick her up and go straight to the hospital. Rick had been in a car accident on Friday afternoon. He and three of his friends were driving back from the golf course when a 17 year old boy pulled out from a stop sign into moving traffic and hit our Honda Pilot in the driver side door, spun the SUV and flipped it a couple of times. Rick was fine except for some scrapes, bruises and probably a minor concussion. He went to the ER to get checked out and all signs were okay. Unfortunately our friend, Jason, who was sitting behind Rick was thrown from the vehicle. He had some internal bleeding in his pancreas and spleen as well as five broken ribs - one of which punctured his lung. It was scary times over the weekend. Jason is now mending well and is off all of the tubes they had inserted into him. However he is still in a lot of pain. Hopefully he will be able to come home soon. We keep praying every day for him.

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