Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'll admit it, we've been very lucky. Samantha has been a pretty good sleeper, only getting up once a night starting at one month old. People would ask me what my secret was...I would say get a baby that sleeps. I wish I had done something special in order to repeat it with future Kobsik children.

Just this week we hit a big milestone for both Samantha and her parents. I just took down bassinet that she had been sleeping in for the first three and a half months of her life. (sniff, sniff)

the bassinet in the corner of our room - no longer :(

She was about to outgrow it and it was time for her to be on her own. So we actually got Murphy his second ACL surgery on September 9th and when he came home from the surgery, all four of us started to sleep downstairs in Samantha's room. Yes, we know it was a little silly but we still love our doggie like he was our kid and he loves to sleep with us so we thought camping out in baby girl's room was a great way to transition her (and us) to her new sleeping situation. We actually slept down there for two weeks before I said I might be ready to move back upstairs. Murphy had just been cleared from his surgery and his sutures were removed so I knew he would be able to join Rick and I back upstairs. So last Saturday, we took the plunge and slept in our own bed. What did Samantha do? She slept from 8:30pm until 7:30am!! 11 hours!? I guess she was waiting for us to get out of her room! The next couple of night she put herself to bed earlier and earlier sneaking back until 7:30pm and then I would hear from her at 4:30/5:00am. 9 hours ain't bad, but she had just spoiled me with the 11 hours! Last night she slept from 8pm until just before 6:30am. Pretty good. I am liking this.

We have started to set up a night time routine. We take Samantha into her room and change her diaper and then change her into her PJs. We then put her into her sleep sack - like a wearable blanket. She was never a fan of the swaddling and will kick any type of blanket off of her in no time flat! The sleep sack has been a great thing for her. But anyways, after the sleep sack, we rock in the rocking chair and read her a book. Then Bubba Donna gave me a prayer to say with her - that she said with her children...

My Jesus come to me
make a good little girl of me.
My heart is little
and no one can enter
but you my dear Jesus

Good night my Jesus...

After the prayers, Samantha gets a bed time snack and then off to slumber land.

Rick reading Samantha her bed time story

This routine seems to work for Samantha. She seems to be interested in the books, if only to help turn the pages. I look forward to doing this with her for many years.

Four Months

Four months?! And she is actually 17 weeks right now - what a big girl!

She is growing and growing and learning new things every day.

in her new jumperoo activity center

She has great head control now - from day one she had astrong head and neck and she can be held up like a big girl now. She loves to be supported in sitting up -no laying down like a baby anymore.

We still spend a lot of time on the swing. There's something about it that is magically soothing to her.

We get a lot of smiles from her - and some laughs. Murphy gets a lot too. She likes to reach for his head and we feel for the guy once she learns to grab his ears. He is going to get a lot of love. But he loves her too...he loves to come lay next to her when she is on her activity mat.

She "talks and talks". Lots of cooing going on like she is practicing her vowels. I'm working on Mamamamamamama. Watch, her first word will be Murph.

She has rolled over a couple of times but I don't believe she knows what she has done. She can get herself about 95% of the way there but doesn't seem to know how topull that arm out of the way. She can do this both ways right now.

She seems to have a bit of a fear of strangers. I used to be able to pass her off to anybody without any problems but she is starting to want to be with us more and more. I have gone to the YMCA and droppedher off at the childwatch a few times and she has cried at the beginning and then been just fine after I've left. Its heartbreaking to leave while your baby is doing that.

Samantha in her workin' out outfit

She has been to her first Panthers tailgates! She has done really well with all of the noise and has actually napped at both tailgates. The Panthers seem to be stinking it up this year but its not because of Samantha's team spirit!

We take a walk or a walk/run most days. She loves being in her carseat and in the bjorn. Thank goodness! She will fall asleep every time we head out.

the princess on her throne

Four Month Doctor's Visit

Samantha and I just got back from our four month doctor's visit. I learned what I already knew that she is perfect and super advanced! :) Well actually the doctor did say that she is coming along great and that her awareness is up there with a six month old. So of course she is a genius.

Here are her stats compared with the last visit at two months:

Weight - 15lbs 1.5oz - 75th percentile (up 2lbs 12.5oz)
Length - 24.5in - 50th percentile (up 2in)
Head - 42cm - 50-75th percentile (up 1.5cm)

The doctor also said I could start her on cereal here and there for the next month and then slowly introduce fruits and vegetables. Now, I am torn. I read in multiple books that you should wait until 6 months for a lot of reasons including possibly keeping away childhood obesity, food allergies and all kinds of other bad things. So I might wait a little bit before I get that cereal out. Plus I hear solid foods are kind of a pain. I'm also thinking that with her championship spitting up ability that cleaning cereal up off the floor would be a full time job. I just want to do what's right!

She got a couple of more shots for her immunizations. She was already crying because she was almost naked in a cold room and there were strangers looking at her. So the shots were hardly a blip on her crying rant. She seemed extra yowly at home so I gave her some liquid acetaminophen and will again tonight. Poor girl.

She's getting bigger and bigger all the time!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Gym Class

Today Samantha and I took advantage of a offer of a free class at the My Gym. It was for babies under 1. I was a bit skeptical about whether Samantha would enjoy it or not - I assumed she was too young...and she was for some things, but overall she really liked it! It was nice and silly - lot of songs and games and goofiness. My kind of place. We actually act cheesy like this at home a lot but it is so much more fun to see other people acting goofy! We might look into going again some time in the future.

we're dancing and pumping the air! go, go, go!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bunny Sighting

After Samantha's bath...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Father Daughter Weekend

I went to Orlando this past weekend to attend my friend, Mauricio's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding - hot, but beautiful. I got to hang with my old Accenture buddies, Dina and Robert. It was great to hang out with them again.

Rick and Samantha had a good weekend together. On Saturday, they went to our nephew, Jacob's, baseball game and then to John and Julie's for a cookout. On Sunday, they met a bunch of friends downtown to watch the Panthers lose to the Giants. But it wasn't their fault the Panthers lost! They were showing their team spirit in matching outfits!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Growing up, I didn't have many dolls except for the Cabbage Patch dolls which were wildly popular at the time. I believe I ended up with 5 of them - which I do still have. My siblings teased me unmercifully about them (I'll admit I was an easy target!) so I didn't venture much past those dolls.

Rick's mother - Bubba Donna as she is called by her grandchildren - gave Samantha a Madame Alexander Christening doll for her baptism. This is Donna's traditional gift for all the girl grandchildren for their baptism. I had to ask Donna if Samantha would be able to play with the doll. Its just so pretty and I've never had a doll THAT nice before. Donna insisted that she be able to play with it. She said when she was growing up she had a lot of dolls but they had to stay on the shelves and never got to play with them unless she was sick. She wants her grandchildren to play with their toys! We had to take some pictures to thank Bubba Donna for her gift. The pics we took that day are some of my favorite of Samantha.

Now this doll was a $2 purchase from the consignment store and I call her Miss Smartypants even though she is not wearing pants, she has a nice crinkly skirt on. Miss Smartypants is one of Sammie's favorite toys. She's got all kinds of crinkly things to play with, a rattle on her, rings to hold on to and chew on etc etc. What a cutie...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Samantha's Baptism and Family Weekend

Labor Day weekend was an extra special weekend. Months ago - before Samantha was even born, my sisters planned a trip to Charlotte to visit. I thought that if I had my two sisters (one who lives in a different country!) in town already, then I would make a family occasion out of it! I would have Samantha's baptism that weekend. So up came my parents fromFlorida. Unfortunately my brother, sis-in-law and family were not able to make it because they just had baby Luisa in July. Much too soon for her to be traveling. I hated that, but I knew that this was my big chance to have the majority of Samantha's family available on the same weekend. Since we started the party, Mary and Andy (Rick's sis and bro-in-law) asked if their daughter Emerson could be baptized on the same day. Of course! How special!

Debbie, Carsten and Maxx flew into Charlotte the Sunday before Labor Day weekend. They spent a night with us and then borrowed my car to drive down to Charleston, SC for a couple of days to look around. They came back on Wednesday and wegot to hang out for a couple of days before everybody else came into town. Maxx was teething and having a good ol' case of "the fear of strangers" so I didn't get to hold him is one pic of us "torturing" our children. It was so funny!

On Friday, LeeAnn was able to join us! Carsten and Rick and the kids went over to Rick's parents place and LeeAnn, Debbie and I went out to eat, just us sisters. It was nice to be able to catch up, just the three of us.

On Saturday, my parents flew into town. It was a nice relaxing day until that evening when we hosted all of Rick's family and mine at our house for a pizza party. There was Rick's parents, sisters, spouses and children (15 people), Andy's parents, sister and fiance (4 more), then all of us (plus 9) - making a total of 28 people in our house and on our deck. Thank goodness it was a nice day! My house gets mighty small past a few people. It was very fun chaos.

Sunday was the big day for the baptism! The humidity broke and it wasn't as hot as it had been in Charlotte the past few weeks - it was actually in the 80s!

The baptism took place after the 12:30pm mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was very special because it was a private service for just our family. Deacon Carlos Medina performed the baptism and did such a great job. It was a bit longer than most baptisms, but it was very meaningful. He took the time to explain why we do certain actions throughout the baptism and personalized the service for us and our family.

Samantha did alright through the baptism. She was a bit uneasy to begin with - I think tired. So she slept through the first half of it. Even for the most part when the poured the water over her head.

She woke up as we walked to the front of the church and wanted to "make a joyful noise" the rest of the time. We chose Rick's friend from elementary school, Marc Gignac, as Samantha's godfather and my sister, Debbie as godmother.

After the baptism, there was a party at Bubba Donna and Papa Fred's house...

Samantha's grandparents...

Emerson's grandparents...

We even had some friends come and celebrate with us! Brian, April, Brooke, Jason and Meredith. We consider our friends to be Samantha's extended family...

The "original Kobsiks"...

It was such a great party. It was so nice of Fred & Donna to host us all and Christine planned a food spread for us that would rival any fancy party. Samantha received so many special gifts. It was more than I could have asked for her celebration.

Since it was a holiday weekend, we had one more day with my family before they had to leave to go home. So on Monday, we went to downtown Charlotte and had lunch and then took a quick walk around the city.

Then Monday night we celebrated Maxx's one yearbirthday (one month early!)
can you tell that they are homemade? I should practice my icing skills...

He was quite dainty with the cupcake...all he did was poke his pointer finger into the icing. Hopefully this was a good warm-up for the real deal in October! He'll be ready to shove it all into his face!

I wish these weekends could happen more often. The next time we'll see my family is at Christmas in Fort Myers this year!