Thursday, September 9, 2010


Growing up, I didn't have many dolls except for the Cabbage Patch dolls which were wildly popular at the time. I believe I ended up with 5 of them - which I do still have. My siblings teased me unmercifully about them (I'll admit I was an easy target!) so I didn't venture much past those dolls.

Rick's mother - Bubba Donna as she is called by her grandchildren - gave Samantha a Madame Alexander Christening doll for her baptism. This is Donna's traditional gift for all the girl grandchildren for their baptism. I had to ask Donna if Samantha would be able to play with the doll. Its just so pretty and I've never had a doll THAT nice before. Donna insisted that she be able to play with it. She said when she was growing up she had a lot of dolls but they had to stay on the shelves and never got to play with them unless she was sick. She wants her grandchildren to play with their toys! We had to take some pictures to thank Bubba Donna for her gift. The pics we took that day are some of my favorite of Samantha.

Now this doll was a $2 purchase from the consignment store and I call her Miss Smartypants even though she is not wearing pants, she has a nice crinkly skirt on. Miss Smartypants is one of Sammie's favorite toys. She's got all kinds of crinkly things to play with, a rattle on her, rings to hold on to and chew on etc etc. What a cutie...

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