Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four Month Doctor's Visit

Samantha and I just got back from our four month doctor's visit. I learned what I already knew that she is perfect and super advanced! :) Well actually the doctor did say that she is coming along great and that her awareness is up there with a six month old. So of course she is a genius.

Here are her stats compared with the last visit at two months:

Weight - 15lbs 1.5oz - 75th percentile (up 2lbs 12.5oz)
Length - 24.5in - 50th percentile (up 2in)
Head - 42cm - 50-75th percentile (up 1.5cm)

The doctor also said I could start her on cereal here and there for the next month and then slowly introduce fruits and vegetables. Now, I am torn. I read in multiple books that you should wait until 6 months for a lot of reasons including possibly keeping away childhood obesity, food allergies and all kinds of other bad things. So I might wait a little bit before I get that cereal out. Plus I hear solid foods are kind of a pain. I'm also thinking that with her championship spitting up ability that cleaning cereal up off the floor would be a full time job. I just want to do what's right!

She got a couple of more shots for her immunizations. She was already crying because she was almost naked in a cold room and there were strangers looking at her. So the shots were hardly a blip on her crying rant. She seemed extra yowly at home so I gave her some liquid acetaminophen and will again tonight. Poor girl.

She's getting bigger and bigger all the time!

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  1. Everett was a champion "spitter upper" and I waited till 6 months to start food. If she is growing and healthy there is no reason to push it before 6 months. AND, I learned the hard way that pureed prunes are REALLY hard to get out of the carpet! Ha Ha