Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four Months

Four months?! And she is actually 17 weeks right now - what a big girl!

She is growing and growing and learning new things every day.

in her new jumperoo activity center

She has great head control now - from day one she had astrong head and neck and she can be held up like a big girl now. She loves to be supported in sitting up -no laying down like a baby anymore.

We still spend a lot of time on the swing. There's something about it that is magically soothing to her.

We get a lot of smiles from her - and some laughs. Murphy gets a lot too. She likes to reach for his head and we feel for the guy once she learns to grab his ears. He is going to get a lot of love. But he loves her too...he loves to come lay next to her when she is on her activity mat.

She "talks and talks". Lots of cooing going on like she is practicing her vowels. I'm working on Mamamamamamama. Watch, her first word will be Murph.

She has rolled over a couple of times but I don't believe she knows what she has done. She can get herself about 95% of the way there but doesn't seem to know how topull that arm out of the way. She can do this both ways right now.

She seems to have a bit of a fear of strangers. I used to be able to pass her off to anybody without any problems but she is starting to want to be with us more and more. I have gone to the YMCA and droppedher off at the childwatch a few times and she has cried at the beginning and then been just fine after I've left. Its heartbreaking to leave while your baby is doing that.

Samantha in her workin' out outfit

She has been to her first Panthers tailgates! She has done really well with all of the noise and has actually napped at both tailgates. The Panthers seem to be stinking it up this year but its not because of Samantha's team spirit!

We take a walk or a walk/run most days. She loves being in her carseat and in the bjorn. Thank goodness! She will fall asleep every time we head out.

the princess on her throne

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