Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'll admit it, we've been very lucky. Samantha has been a pretty good sleeper, only getting up once a night starting at one month old. People would ask me what my secret was...I would say get a baby that sleeps. I wish I had done something special in order to repeat it with future Kobsik children.

Just this week we hit a big milestone for both Samantha and her parents. I just took down bassinet that she had been sleeping in for the first three and a half months of her life. (sniff, sniff)

the bassinet in the corner of our room - no longer :(

She was about to outgrow it and it was time for her to be on her own. So we actually got Murphy his second ACL surgery on September 9th and when he came home from the surgery, all four of us started to sleep downstairs in Samantha's room. Yes, we know it was a little silly but we still love our doggie like he was our kid and he loves to sleep with us so we thought camping out in baby girl's room was a great way to transition her (and us) to her new sleeping situation. We actually slept down there for two weeks before I said I might be ready to move back upstairs. Murphy had just been cleared from his surgery and his sutures were removed so I knew he would be able to join Rick and I back upstairs. So last Saturday, we took the plunge and slept in our own bed. What did Samantha do? She slept from 8:30pm until 7:30am!! 11 hours!? I guess she was waiting for us to get out of her room! The next couple of night she put herself to bed earlier and earlier sneaking back until 7:30pm and then I would hear from her at 4:30/5:00am. 9 hours ain't bad, but she had just spoiled me with the 11 hours! Last night she slept from 8pm until just before 6:30am. Pretty good. I am liking this.

We have started to set up a night time routine. We take Samantha into her room and change her diaper and then change her into her PJs. We then put her into her sleep sack - like a wearable blanket. She was never a fan of the swaddling and will kick any type of blanket off of her in no time flat! The sleep sack has been a great thing for her. But anyways, after the sleep sack, we rock in the rocking chair and read her a book. Then Bubba Donna gave me a prayer to say with her - that she said with her children...

My Jesus come to me
make a good little girl of me.
My heart is little
and no one can enter
but you my dear Jesus

Good night my Jesus...

After the prayers, Samantha gets a bed time snack and then off to slumber land.

Rick reading Samantha her bed time story

This routine seems to work for Samantha. She seems to be interested in the books, if only to help turn the pages. I look forward to doing this with her for many years.

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