Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Back to Business

Today I did my first race since Samantha was born! I did the Dowd YMCA Half Marathon. Samantha doesn't know it, but she did this race with me last year when I was 10 weeks along. I had a respectable time of 2hours flat - a 11 minute improvement over last year...but still 10 minutes slower than my best half marathon time.

This race is actually just a pit stop along my way to a bigger goal - the 2011 Mardi Gras Marathon on February 13th. Yes, I have done it again. I have signed up for a marathon. I have questioned my sanity many times but it comes down to this...I get charged up by having a goal. A big part of me wants to be able to say - I ran a marathon less than a year after giving birth. I am also very susceptible to peer pressure. I will be traveling to New Orleans with 4 otherfriends signed up for the marathon and 2-3 others signed up for the half marathon.

My post baby body has had some challenges with running. Be it the new pain I am feeling in my hips when I hit double digit miles, or the way I trail way behind my friends while climbing the millions of hills that are in Charlotte, or the way I need to wake up earlier to pump, or the way I need to wear two sports bras (or I just found a heavy duty sports bra that works wonders) or the way that the bouncing up and down of running makes me want to stop to pee a lot more often! :) I remember that Labor Day weekend I went for a run with my friends...they were doing 10 miles and I was doing my first long run...6 miles. That was one of the hardest runs I have ever done and boy was 6 miles long! I am hoping that as I lose more weight that my running will feel a lot better. I am currently at 1-2lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight but about 6-7lbs over the weight at which I ran my best marathon. I am trying to get as close as I can over thenext 8 weeks despite the holidays.

Another change that post-baby running has brought is the scheduling of it all. I used to be able to get up whatever day I wanted and go head out the door to meet friends without thinking twice. Now I need to make sure that Rick will be home to be there with Samantha. Or I need to wait until Samantha gets up and is fed and we can head out with the jogging stroller. Though running with Samantha has its challenges. I have been running with Samantha in the carseat on top of the BOB. This adds considerable weight to the stroller and it is HARD! I have a threemile route that keeps us off of main roads and when I first started a few months ago I walked most of I am trying to phase more and more of the walking out. Oooh those hills are hard.

Samantha in the "big girl" part of the stroller for the first time - November 1

Just last week, Samantha and I had our first outing with her in the "big girl" part of the stroller. It was only for a walk, I have yet to run with her like that but I think she should be just fine. I have padded it with a carseat "cozy" that seems to help keep her in place.

So what is my goal for the marathon? Ultimately I just want to finish. I think something under 4:30 would be a good goal for me. My best marathon time was 3:53 and my slowest was 4:38 done a month after my wedding with minimal training.

I'll try to post my training online here...think good and fast thoughts for me. :)

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