Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Half a year old

Oh my little girl is getting so big! I can hardly believe that half a year has flown by. (I think I say something like this every month! She really is growing up too quickly!)

Big milestones this month...

Eating - she still isn't too excited about solid food. We take time off from it here and there but some of her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes and pears. Because of necessity we had to introduce prunes. Not a favorite of hers but she thinks they're okay.They are quite "effective" too if you know what I mean! We are still notgetting through a 1/3 of a small jar of food - but she will surprise us every once in awhile by eating a whole half of a container.
messy eater! she likes to hold her own spoon - November 11

Mobility - she is a rolling over genius these days. She's figured out how to go both ways now! She will also spin herself in a circle on her back - her head will be in one spot but the rest of her will move 360 degrees.

rollover action shots taken by mom's cell phone - November 18

Sitting up - she had been working on it and working on it and the week after we left Milwaukee, she finally was able to consistently hold herself up all by herself! It wasn't until the end of the month where she was really becoming a master of this skill.

sitting up all by herself - November 27

Favorite toys - she still loves Sophie the giraffe and Sparkles the elephant. She is now very intrigued by a Baby Einstein music box which has all kinds of flashing lights coordinated to classical music as well as her rainforest jumperoo. We put her in that at least once a day and watch her go to town. She is an active girl! She also spends a lot of time on her activity mat - it encourages the rolling over to try to get all of the toys that are attached to it.

in her jungle - November 3

Miscellaneous - we had to give her a minor hair cut already. At Thanksgiving, Aunt Christine and Bubba Donna helped to clean up some of the hair that had grown extra long in the back.

out to eat after watching the Panthers lose...again - November 21

Sleeping - nothing new really...she is still getting up once a night (sigh). We aren't up very long though so it could be a lot worse. Our little daily routine has roughly worked out to be at bed at 7pm, up at 2am, up again at 7am, nap from 9-11am, then nap from 2-4pm - repeat.

waking up from a nap - clutching one of her homemade blankies - November 2

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