Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Samantha's first plane ride

This past weekend Samantha and I took a big trip up to Milwaukee, WI to visit my sister and brother. I was kind of nervous about taking Sammie on her first plane ride by myself. I think the gear alone was what made me the most nervous. How does one person carry all the gear that a baby needs!? I checked everything but the baby, an umbrella stroller and the diaper bag. I also brought the Bjorn which ended up being a great idea because in Charlotte the planes boarding and exiting did not have a jetway so I had to climb up and down the stairs carrying her. It was good to have my hands free to go up and down those steep stairs.

Rick helping us to ticketing

On the way there we had an empty seat next to us so Samantha was able to lay down on the seat and play and actually take a nap there.

even Sophie got to go to Milwaukee

LeeAnn met us at the airport and brought us first to Gary and Renata's house where we just hung out and talked and played with the kiddies. This was the first time that we got to meet Luisa who was born six weeks after Samantha! It was also great as always to see Mr. Lukas who at two and a half years old is proving to be quite the Energizer Bunny. Always on the go and trying to get into something!

Sammie and Luisa kicking back

Lukas paused for one second to take this picture

Samantha was loving Aunt LeeAnn's glass of water! Time to get that girl a sippy cup!

On Saturday we spent a very nice and low key day. I went running (got lost) and then LeeAnn, Tory and I went shopping. That evening LeeAnn hosted dinner where Nolan joined us as well as the Lerch family. It was such a nice dinner. So great to spend time with my siblings and their kids.

the "old" cuzzins Nolan and Tory

all the cuzzins! Tory is on record as saying she doesn't like children - this is a picture to remember. Nolan also had his hands full trying to keep Lukas on his lap!

Renata and I with our babies - compare it to this picture in March

On Sunday we went over to our great Aunt Pat's home. Sister Pat looked great and is still super busy with her work at Alverno College. She is an inspiration!

going out - this is what I call her Sammie from the Block look

Sam with Sister Pat

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent with my family. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do while there. Talk, chat and squeeze some babies. I only wish we lived closer and could do it all more often. Good thing we'll be seeing each other at Christmas in Florida this year!

Samantha was great on the plane on the way home - another nap! Strangers were super nice about helping us out when my hands were too full to get the stroller through security etc. I'm thinking five months old is a great time to fly with a baby.

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