Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Six Month Doctor's Visit

We survived another trip to the doctor today. Here are our stats...

Weight - 17lb 1oz - 75th percentile (up 2lbs)
Length - 26in - 55th percentile (up 1.5in)
Head - 44cm - 85th percentile

The doctor said everything was looking good and on track. I had been wondering if she should be still getting up in the middle of the night or if I should be doing the "tough love" thing and letting her cry it out. Samantha has still been getting up once a night and I've been feeding her because she's been going right back to sleep. The doctor said that it was probably fine but if she was getting up more than once a night then that would be a problem. We talked about offering her more foods and about expecting more and more mobility out of her.

Poor thing got three shots - two more of the usual and one flu shot. She got kind of yowly in the afternoon after waking up from her nap. Thank goodness for Baby Tylenol (or the generic version at least).

We go back at nine months.

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