Friday, December 17, 2010

Girls Gifts and Garland V

Yesterday I hosted my annual girls holiday party - Girls Gifts and Garland V. I can hardly believe this has been the fifth year that this party has taken place. That means we have been in our house for five Christmases!

We have settled into a traditional rhythm with the party. The girls each bring some food or wine to share. We nosh on some appetizers and champagne punch while everybody arrives and then we sit down for a dinner. After dinner we exchange gifts. Each year we exchange something different in a less than $15 budget. The first year was books, then champagne flutes, cookbooks, earrings and this year was scarves. Some years have more exchanges than others...this year there were a lot of scarves changing hands as people "stole" and traded. I really look forward to this party every year and this year did not disappoint.

Me and Stephanie

Jenn and Tara

Katie and Colleen

Meredith and Meredith

Keri, April and Jenn showing off the crowns from the holiday crackers

Ashleigh opened up a gift that had TWO scarves!

Meredith had a hard time holding onto the scarves that she opened

Meredith, Tara, Colleen, Casey and Ashleigh showing off their new scarves

Brooke, Katie and Stephanie

Meredith and Keri

April, Jenn, Shannon and me

Shannon, me and Stephanie

My partners in crime - Meredith and Tara

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