Monday, December 13, 2010

Kobsik Family Christmas

This past weekend we celebrated Kobsik family Christmas. The whole crew was there and we had a great time watching the kids open presents. They each picked a cousin's name out of a hat and bought for them. Samantha had Brigid and she picked out bunk beds for her dolls. It was a hit. Donna made a wonderful dinner and we just enjoyed each other's company.

Samantha and Emerson - both enjoying their first Christmas

The three-year-old dynamos - Ciaran and Nathan

just doin' what they're told :)

trouble 1 and trouble 2 - Lilly and Brigid

lovely - Declan and Jacob

Samantha's trademark pose -the two finger suck

Nathan got this awesomely annoying cow that giggles and wiggles

Ciaran gets his turn and Joey helps

cool shirt - "I am Ironman!"

woohoo bunk beds!

Jacob and Nathan

Papa Fred and Emerson

Donna's beautiful tree

Bubba Donna and Samantha

Andy and Mary

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