Friday, December 31, 2010

Seven Months - Happy New Year

I was reading a filler article in one of the parenting magazines recently and it was all about why its "super awesome to be a mom". Though a cheesy article there were a few quotes in it that struck home with me. Somebody said about being a mother - "I always have something great to look forward to every day." How true! Sometimes Samantha gets us up too early or in the middle of the night and I am a bit grumpy but seeing that precious face light up when she sees me erases a lot of those dark clouds. She makes me laugh every day and it sure becomes addicting to try to get her to laugh or smile. I crave those laughs and happy faces. Another quote was - "enjoy your baby at the stage she is at now. There will always be great things to come but you can't go back". Again, I have to remember this more often. I would LOVE to have her sleeping consistently 11 hours or so a night but she will only be little once and I will forget these sleepy trips downstairs in the middle of the night. She needs me now and that's wonderful.

Milestones this month...

Teeth - she now has two that have broken through the gums. The lower left one broke through on the 11th and then the lower right one broke through the day after Christmas. I think they have given her a hard time here and there where she isn't napping or sleeping as well. It is sosad to hear her screams. She loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth no matter what it is. I give her a lot of tupperware lids and boxes to chew on. Who needs fancy toys?

one of her favorite teething "victims" is books - December 10th

Mobility - Samantha is great at rolling all over the room now. She is also great at sitting up.She is doing a lean over and reach move that makes me nervous that she is going tostart crawling any second now. I don't need her mobile - its nice to have her just sitting up right now.

lean over and reach! December 10th

Eating - she is really getting good at this solid food thing now. She likes the Oat Cereal now which is great - the doctors recommend the cereal because its a good source of iron. I mix it with peas, squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches or apples. There are two solid food eatings a day - one after her morning nap and one after her afternoon nap.

Mom loves taking messy face pictures! December 10th

Favorite toys - still lovin' the Sophie, Sparkles and our jumperoo. New this month is the alligator xylophone toy and some fun "cell phones" that were Christmas gifts.

getting our last uses out of the swing - December 6

the real Murph won't pose in a picture with her - here is his stand-in - December 11th

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