Tuesday, February 23, 2010

26 Weeks - Less than 100 days now

We made it through a very fun milestone, we passed 100 days until the due date on Sunday. Oooh now we are in double digits!

Its hard to believe right now that BabyGirl will ever be here. It feels like I have been pregnant forever and that I will always have this baby bump. I know that in a year or so I will look back at these 10 months and wonder where the time went but right now its hard to comprehend that I am actually going to be a parent and that I am actually going to be 100% responsible for another human. Murphy has been good practice but we can leave him at home with a gate up whenever we leave or want to go out to dinner. I think child services might have something to say if we tried the same with BabyGirl. I am both excited and scared out of my mind about my impending motherhood.

New with the baby:
Babycenter.com says that BabyGirl should be able to hear our voices now. Our fruit/vegetable comparison for this week is an english hothouse cucumber?! Very strange. They really had to scramble around for comparisons. An average baby right about now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches.

New with me:

Not much! I went to the doctor on Monday and everything was measuring good - protein, iron, heart rate -both mine and the baby's. Hers was at 142. It was funny as the nurse ran the doppler machine over my belly and it was making the loud noises, BabyGirl would punch up at the wand. The nurse kept laughing as my belly made waves. Also my weight was up only 1lb from the last measurement they took so I am hanging around 20lbs gained. Which is right in the average range according to this calculator. So I made my appointment with the doctor for my glucose screening on March 8th. I hope I pass!

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump & 20 minutes elliptical
Friday: nothin
Saturday: Run 5 miles with Tara, Annie, Meredith and Murphy. It is so much easier to run with friends than it is to run alone. While running alone I get into my own head a lot more and it just feels harder and I walk a lot more. When I was running with my friends, I was surprised at how much better I felt at the end...felt like I could have gone a bit further even!
Sunday: Run 4 miles with Murphy
Monday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and BodyPump
Tuesday: Cycle class and Prenatal Yoga DVD (Murphy looks so tortured when I do the DVD...I'm on the floor and he can't lick me?! not fair!)
Wednesday: Run 4 miles with Murphy - hmmm I might have to say I jogged/walked this one. Happy that I got out though

  • On Sunday, I helped hostess a shower for my friend, Stephanie, who is due in April. I will post more details about it here but in the meantime you can go see her blog and what she wrote about it. It was such a nice day and she has such nice friends. I was happy that I could help do that for her.
  • On Saturday, I went errand running with my friend Shannon who was the main planner for Stephanie's shower. We went all over the place for about three hours. By the end of those three hours she was asking me where I wanted to go eat dinner or what I wanted to do next and I had to say - I'm tired and I have to go home now. Haha. I have never felt that tired before. Except maybe after a marathon - actually this felt very similar. I got home and my legs were just throbbing. This is how many women have described feeling during pregnancy but I had never been there before. I guess I do have my limits.
  • Tuesday, I got to catch up with my friend Kelli who is also pregnant and due in June! We went to a Junior League event and then caught a bite to eat. It was good to chat about how we're feeling, how things are different now and how much we like to eat - ha! She looks great!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

25 Weeks - Sick and Busy

New with the baby:
They say that BabyGirl should be measuring about 13.5 inches by now and about a pound and a half in weight. Her main focus from now until birth is gaining weight and working on those lungs! Fruit/vegetable comparison this week - a rutabaga! That word is just fun to say!
New with me:
Well I got a cold last week. Came on about Thursday. Such a bummer. I had to take the full day off of school on Friday...sitting through 10 hours of class sounded like torture. My classmates would not have liked to hear me blowing my nose every few minutes either. This cold didn't last as long as the one in November so for that I was grateful. I am still not 100% but I would say close to it. The real big bummer is this time I got a beauuuuutiful cold sore right front and center on my upper lip. Nice. I think I must have had a fever or something with this one to cause that.
Running & Exercise:
Thursday: 10 minutes on the elliptical and BodyPump
Friday: SICK! Didn't do anything
Saturday: Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes - felt good to move the legs
Sunday: Walked/Ran 3 miles with Murphy
Monday: Slept in - still trying to recover
Tuesday: Cycle class and some lifting
Wednesday: Ran 4 miles with Murphy....its getting hard!
Fun, fun stuff this week:
  • We got the crib put together on Thursday! I sat on the bed and watched as Rick assembled the crib. I held a piece here or there.

Rick and Murphy workin' on the crib

  • Friday night we went out in the SNOW to get a mattress from Buy Buy Baby. The store associate there was so nice and helpful. He made me totally forget why I had picked out the original mattress we had gone there to get and steered us towards a more expensive mattress (of course). But I liked all of his reasons and according to him multiple Kobsik babies can sleep on this mattress for many years. The mattress I picked out would not have been as durable.
  • So yes we had snow again on Friday night - twice in a couple of weeks! Crazy times in Charlotte! We got maybe three inches this time? It was actually quite pretty...our drive to the gym on Saturday morning was beautiful and then the sun came out and melted it all away. Perfect!
  • This past weekend was Rick's alumni baseball weekend at Winthrop University. The golf outing was cancelled on Saturday because of the snow (two years ago at the last alumni weekend Rick and his friends played golf in shorts...and yes it was in early February too!). Saturday night they had a casual dinner gathering at the field and then Sunday there was an alumni baseball game.

  • Sunday night Rick and I went to go see the movie, Avatar, in 3D! Soooo good! The story is very vanilla but thats not what you are going to see the movie for. Its the special effects! 3D was awesome too. The plant life and terrain of this supposed planet, Pandora, was just amazing. I hear the movie has been in the works for years and years but they had to wait for technology to catch up with movie before they could finish it.

    Rick is stylin' in his 3D glasses!

  • Tuesday night, we went to watch the Charlotte Bobcats play the New Jersey Nets. Actually the Bobcats really didn't show up to play it seems. The Nets have THE worst record in the NBA but it looked like the reverse last night. The Bobcats were struggling and the Nets couldn't seem to miss a basket! Its disappointing because the Bobcats have actually been doing quite well this year. Oh well...the tickets were free for "college night". They were in the upper level but with how well they are building the arenas these days, the tickets were actually pretty good!

view from the cheap seats

Whew! What a week...I can't seem to keep up with all of the stuff I need to get done. I just keep on plugging away at it though!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

24 Weeks = 6 months = 4 months to Holy Cow!

my current obsession..vanilla creme cookies!

New with baby:
BabyGirl's main changes right now are still just gaining weight and length! She should be over a pound and around that one foot mark. They say her taste buds could have developed by now? Interesting. Her lungs are developing a lot and I hear that she is nearing the point of viability. That saying if we had to have her soon the doctors would be able to do more to help save her life and make her lungs work for her.

New with me:
Not much - loving dessert though. For some reason I am CRAZY for the Snackwells vanilla creme sandwiches! I have always liked them but now they call to me from the vending machines at school. On Monday I visited two different machines to find that they BOTH had the cookies in them but there were buried behind a couple of granola bars each! It was a very sad moment. I think because of my dessert fascination (besides other factors) strangers have started to ask me when I am due. So I guess I'm officially looking more than just bloated!

Running and Exercise:

Thursday: BodyPump and 20 min on the elliptical
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murph
Saturday: Run 5 miles with Murph
Sunday: Run 4.5 miles with Murph, April and Brooke. (now I am realizing why my legs were so sore Sunday evening - haven't run three days in a row in awhile!) It was good to run with some friends again. Everybody's schedules have changed and our old running routines are no longer convenient for them. After being used to seeing my friends a few times a week its been strange to only seem them once every week or two weeks!
Monday: Prenatal Yoga DVD - pretty good stuff. First time I tried I have tried this particular DVD and Murphy was very good about not giving me kisses in the downward dog position. This had been my experience every other time I've tried to do a workout at home. Murphy thinks that if I am on the floor then I am there for him.
Tuesday: Cycle class and a failed attempt at a class called "Total Strength". I think it should have been called "Mostly Cardio" not what I was looking for. But the cycle class was good and I think I will be going back to it.
Wednesday: It was so cold outside that I hid in bed instead of running

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peek

So we have been working on the nursery little by little...its coming along and I thought I would share some of the details that we've been working on. First off you've gotta show the before pics.
This is how the room looked before we started to transform it into BabyGirl's room:

Our guest bedroom had the furniture and furnishings that I had since I graduated from college...so most of these things had been with me for about nine years! Actually the furniture was bought for me by my parents when I was a sophomore in high school when we moved from New York to Indiana. They wanted something that would last me a long time. Little did they know that the furniture would be moved by me to nine different homes/apartments and four different states over that time! If you got close, you could see the effects from all that moving...the knicks and scrapes showed its 'worldliness'.

The bedding which I still liked (Rick was admittedly not a fan of the big purple flowers) has been packed up and donated to the Junior League. We then painted the walls light blue. I've always had a thing for blue. I knew either way - boy or girl - I would want blue walls. Its actually called Lakeside Mist by Behr..

After the paint was on the walls we started to paint my old furniture. Rick spent a long afternoon on our front porch sanding down the three pieces of furniture. The one long dresser has drawers that don't come out. Believe me we've tried. We tried looking for a tab, we tried every little trick that people told us to try. For some reason those stupid drawers wouldn't come out! It made sanding and painting an adventure...

We then had to prime and paint the furniture. What a pain! That long dresser gave me a fit as I tried to get the paint into the tight areas in between the drawers. I was also not happy with just one coat of primer and one coat of white paint...it seemed like that brown wood was showing through everywhere on the furniture. Two coats and I was happy. To save some money, I decided to spray paint the old hardware instead of buying all new. A good coat of silver spray paint and they looked like new.

Another thing that I have gotten done was to find some crib bedding that has decided the color scheme of the nursery. Its a Pottery Barn kids pattern and I found it on Craigslist. Here are a couple of pictures from the listing:

Its more frou-frou than I thought I wanted to get but I love it and it fits right in with the blue walls. So here is my color scheme inspired by the bedding:

Blue, sage green and fuschia will be my "theme" instead of any other traditional theme like flowers or butterflies or or or. I feel like those themes quickly go over the top and you can potentially end up feeling like you are in a Babies R' Us ad. Not always a bad thing but not what I was looking for.

So finally here is one little sneak peek into the nursery. You can see the new white dresser (with the stubborn drawers) which will eventually double as a changing table. You may also see that the dresser is missing a knob! I think it was a casualty of the move from Ohio back to North Carolina in 2005. You can also see the blue walls and the beginning of the fuschia being brought into the room.

Murphy is unimpressed with all of it...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Belly Building

17 weeks left to go - the belly is growin!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

23 Weeks - What? Me? Crabby? Nooooo

Week 23 Belly Shot

New with Baby:
Just fattening up and growing in length! BabyCenter.com's comparison of the week is a mango! yum!

New with me:
Besides feeling tired most of the time, I am in general just feeling large and in charge which is scary since I have 17 more weeks to get larger! But these bullet points from AlphaMom.com's Pregnancy Calendar for the 23rd week, just cracks me and is very appropriate...
  • "OMG, you're so big! Are you sure it's not twins?" (yes i have gotten this one a couple of times already!)
  • SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Thank you. No woman is ever going to appreciate your boneheaded commentary on her size and/or weight.

Crabby? I really try not to be but emotional/moody/hormonal/tired Becky sneaks out from time to time. I've got a lot of my plate right now with school, work, internship, side business, coordinating weddings and sometimes it gets the best of me. Good thing I generally love it all. Great thing I have a very understanding and (most of the time) patient husband. Thanks Rick!

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murphy
Saturday: Swim 30 minutes
Sunday: Nothing - too icy from our big storm - and I had one million wedding invitations to put together
Monday: Still icy - and I still had at least half a million wedding invitations to put together - Murphy and I took a 40 minute walk later that afternoon
Tuesday: Run 4 miles with Murphy - not so bad
Wednesday: Swim 30 minutes


  • Ordered the crib on Saturday and we received the big ol' box today! This is a gift from Rick's parents - Fred & Donna - thanks guys !!

  • Finished painting the furniture in the nursery!
  • Trying to figure out which car seat to get now...how CONFUSING! There are a million brands and varieties. I want one that will keep BabyGirl safe...is that so hard? Why do I need so many choices.
  • Same goes with bottles...I guess they're all made differently. There are so many options. The big thing now is to get the BPA free ones. Okay that's easy...but there are STILL a million options after that. I think I will register for a few different ones and see which ones BabyGirl likes the best. I will definitely be trying to breastfeed but I know that there will be times that the bottle will be necessary. Do you know how many bottle accessories there are out there? Most seem useless but I'm tempted to buy them anyways. This parenthood thing is a scary undertaking...you want to be prepared! haha

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow days!

Living in Charlotte, NC we don't see snow all that much and while it is an exciting event we all groan a bit too. It doesn't usually just snow...it brings ice and yuckiness to the streets. Charlotte doesn't have many plows. They salt/lime or whatever before the snow comes down but usually the snow sits on the streets and makes a big mess. That's what happened to us Friday night/Saturday morning. We got maybe two inches tops at our house - other parts of Charlotte got 4-5 inches. Instead of melting on Saturday, the day got colder and colder and so it hung around. On Sunday it froze again making driving a bit interesting. The ice was still around on the streets on Monday morning which delayed the opening of my internship so I didn't go in to see them at all and then my school cancelled all Monday classes. I had a snow/ice day!
Well here are some pictures from the "great snow" of January 2010!!