Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Months

Samantha is a whole two months old today! (see her one month photo here) I can't believe its already been two months and at the same time I can't believe its only been two months. It seems like I have loved her forever.

MILESTONES: She is a joy to our lives and we see her learn more and more every day. You can tell there is so much more going on behind her eyes now. She sees us and smiles a lot. I love this smiling milestone. It just melts your heart. A couple of nights ago she didn't necessarily want to go back to sleep after she ate at 3:30am and I was a little exasperated. But there she was looking at the ceiling fan and just smiling and smiling. How can you be upset with that? Samantha LOVES a good ceiling fan! She will also follow our movements with her eyes which was a fun milestone to hit as well. She is super strong and can hold her head up for long stretches of time. Her little legs and arms are working working working all the time.

GENERAL: She eats very well. We are getting feedings in about every 2.5-4hrs except at night of course when we stretch it a bit further. However, she is also very good at spitting up. It can even be hours after she ate and she will spit up a good amount (sigh). I hear she comes by it honestly, that I was a good spitter upper myself. I also think it has something to do with her lazy flap in her esophagus. It lets things up more easily. Hopefully we will grow out of this soon! She had some good cradle cap and peeling after the baby acne went away. It almost all gone which is good. I would pick at her and that sure didn't make her happy!

SLEEP: We are still sleeping about the same as we were at the one month update. She falls asleep usually around 9:30/10:00pm and she will sleep until 3:00 or 4:00am. We'll be up for about a half hour and then she will wake up again somewhere around 7:00am. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I am getting at least 8 hours of sleep which is better than before she came along! The only difference is having the interruption in sleep which does make a difference.

EXERCISE: I have gotten into running again, but it is hard! My friends are nice enough to slow down for me a bit and I got to run with Fred a couple of times at our annual beach vacation. He was happy enough to walk with me when I needed it. Otherwise Samantha, Murphy and I go for a walk or a walk/run almost every day. I will go into the neighborhood behind us and run down one street and then walk up the next street with the hill then repeat a few times. I suppose its like interval training a bit. I am going to try to get myself to the YMCA more for some swimming and I think I might be ready to get back on a bike here soon. I have a stretch goal to do a triathlon this fall.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kobsik Family Vacation 2010

July 17-24 was the week of this year's Kobsik Family Vacation. Every year Bubba Donna and Papa Fred have treated us to a week long beach trip in Wrightsville Beach, NC. This was the first year that Rick and I have had a baby at the beach and I have to admit that I was nervous as a first time mom about bringing a 6 week old to the beach. I really didn't have to worry. It was the best type of first vacation with baby. There were so manybaby sitters around so we had help and advice whenever we needed it. Rick and I even had dinner out with some of his co-workers that live in Wilmington! Our first time away from Samantha. Hooray. Samantha slept most of the time...there was a lot of fussing but Aunt Lori was able to soothe her quite a bit...and I think Samantha soothed Aunt Lori.

the two new additions to the family vacation - Emerson 6mos and Samantha 6wks

Brigid and Lilly loved hanging out with Samantha!

Rick, Samantha and Mary hanging out on the deck

deep thoughts

Lilly, Brigid and Samantha with Bubba Donna

snoozing on the beach with Mama

soothing each other

snoozing on Daddy


family picture on the beach - I think I am pretty brave to put post-partem pics of me in a bikini online! :)

beach time with Bubba Donna

rare time awake on the beach

the older boy cousins

snoozin with Papa Fred

annual girls pic

ALL of the girls

Brigid turned 7 while we were at the beach!

airing it out on the beach

the new babies!

all of the cousins - it sure is hard to get everyone together and try to pretend to be happy about it!

first dip in the water

Mary and Christine's annual hand stand photo op

cutie patootie girls

hanging out on the porch

family picture

Bubba Donna, Papa Fred and the 9 grandkids

Family portrait - what a great year!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sammie's First Workout

So at the YMCA here in town there is a workout called "Baby Power Hour". You are encouraged to bring your baby - two years or younger - in her stroller to do some workouts. Samantha and I went today. It was a great workout - for anybody, new mom or not. We did sprints, we did weights, we did abs (ugh, have no core strength right now!) and boy oh boy did we lunge. We did walking lunges and squats all across that gym floor! There weren't any workouts with the babies but some moms had to pull their kids out of the carseats and use them as their weights as they did squats or overhead presses.

Samantha did alright. There was minimal crying about 30 minutes into the workout. I thought we might have to leave but she calmed down. There was a lot of music and the instructor yelling GO etc. I think it was too much for some of the kids. The music was fun for the workout but we could probably do without it since we all have kids there.

This class is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays and I am going to try to make as many as possible. Its nice to be able to bring Samantha and not have to pay for the daycare at the Y (which I haven't registered for yet but will soon!)

Snapped a quick photo...we lined the strollers all along the one side of the gym while we did our exercises. You can see some moms ready to workout, some chasing toddlers and some trying to get infants to be happy again. Oh how things have changed!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you

Samantha was so lucky to receive a few homemade blankets from friends and family! Here is a fashion shoot with them...

Thank you Meredith!

Thank you Aunt Pat!

Thank You Aunt Mary!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sleepy Times

There is something about holding a nice, warm, sleepy baby on a nice comfy couch that just makes you soooooo sleepy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome Luisa!

Samantha had a new cousin born Thursday, July 15th at 2:18pm. 8lbs, 6oz

Gary & Renata Lerch as well as big brother, Lukas, welcomed Luisa Lima Lerch...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our first play group

The neighborhood right behind our house, Chantilly, has a mom's group that has a lot of events on its calendar. I signed myself up for the '1 and under playgroup' and Samantha and I went a visitin' today. I knew Samantha wouldn't be bringing much to the group...get a load of what she did for 3/4 of the time that we were there - so antisocial...

The playgroup was a hoot! There were babies crawling everywhere and a few that were walking. Even the hostess's dog got into the action.

While Samantha didn't bring much to the party, I enjoyed myself. I liked being able to talk to other moms that live near me and to compare notes about what their child has done and when. They are full of all sorts of useful information about the area too. Somebody confirmed that the big condo/townhome complex that is supposed to be built on my street is still moving forward. (woohoo)

I would love to be able to hostess one of the parties but it will probably have to wait awhile as Samantha has NO toys to share. We'll get there soon I'm sure.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A girl and her dog

People have been asking how Murphy does with Samantha. He really does so very well. He doesn't get upset when she cries nor does he show any signs of aggression towards others because of Samantha. I'm sure he feels like he could use some more lovin' but he still gets a walk most days. He's very gentle around her and sometimes he can't help himself, he needs to get in a lick!

Here were some cute pictures that I took on July 3rd during Samantha's tummy time...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Boyfriends for Sammie!

Its baby time around these parts! Two of my good friends, Kelli and Katie, had baby boys last week!

Kelli & Brian Smith welcomed Cole Thomas Smith who was born June 27th at 1:30pm. 8lbs, 10oz, 21.5in

Katie & Jarrett Hunt welcomed Colton Thomas Hunt who was born June 29th. 9lbs

Samantha and I went to go meet these new boyfriends early this week...I was very impressed with how well Katie and Kelli were doing as new moms. Samantha was not impressed - she slept through both "play dates"

Monday, July 5, 2010

What's on TV?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Month Doctor's Visit

We just got back from Samantha's one month doctor's visit. She did great. Slept through most of it. Here's her stats:

Weight - 10lbs 11oz - 90th percentile
Length - 21.5in - 75th percentile
Head - 38.5cm - 75th percentile

I thought she was poopin' and pukin' (spitting up) it all out! I guess not. She is up three pounds from her birth weight. I was surprised at the 21.5 inches. That's only half an inch longer. She seems much longer than when she came home. The nurse today said 'oh they don't measure very well at the nursery'. She admitted that the nursery nurses might say the same about them.

The doctor once again reaffirmed what the other doctor and nurse practicioner had said about her 'wheezing'. He said it has to do with her esophagus. I believe the one doctor used the term Stridor. I looked it up online and it is exactly what they have been saying to me. The flap in the esophagus gets "lazy" and doesn't function quite properly. As she eats, the liquid will gargle as she swallows which makes the congestion noise as she breathes. It sounds just like a chest cold, but its not. The noise comes and goes. The doctor said it lessen as she gets older and should be gone by toddler time.

Samantha also got her second round of the hepatitis vaccine. She took it like a champ. She was sleeping when the nurse stuck her in her leg. Samantha cried for like ten seconds and then was fine. Rick and I were both going to cry but Sammie is tough!