Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Months

Mommy's First Weekend Away

I didn't think I would be able to do it, but I did and I think that I'm a better mother and Rick is a better father for it. I left Samantha this past weekend to go on a girls beach trip to Sunset Beach, NC. My friend, Brooke, was able to work out a trade with one of her personal training clients for a beach house for the weekend. A lot of the girls went down on Thursday night but I didn't think I could be away that long so I drove Tara and myself down on Friday evening.

We had a lot of fun. There was games and laughs and drinking and beach time. There were 14 girls staying in the house. Since I was there last I got the air mattress on the floor.

I missed Samantha a TON. Especially since I am still exclusively breast feeding and I had to go and disappear from the fun and pump. That wasn't so much fun. Rick and Samantha did great. He said it was an adjustment with getting up in the middle of the night to feed her and get a bottle ready. But he did really well...I knew he would. Okay, to be honest I was a little worried about the middle of the night feedings but I shouldn't have been!

playing dominoes on the beach with Jenn and Ashley!

the crew playing board games

all of the girls out to dinner the last night

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road trip to Chapel Hill

So we are able to say something new...we are able to DRIVE to visit Rick's sister Christine and her husband and three kids. After living in Chicago for almost 20 years they have returned to North Carolina and have bought a beautiful home near Chapel Hill, NC.

Even Murphy got to come along - here he is looking sleepy in the back seat...

We had a fun time visiting with them. Rick and Ed tried out the neighborhood golf course while Christine, the kids and I went for walks along the neighborhood nature trails and hung out around the house.

Brigid and I did each others hair. Here is Brigid showing off her fabulous hair do. Model in the making.

I think I did a great job - perhaps I have a future in hair design? We counted - we got 34 bows in her hair! :)

Here is the picture that Brigid took of me with my fabulous make-over...

That afternoon we met the guys at the community pool. It was such a nice pool. Has a little kids wade-in area and a few lanes for lap swimming if so desired and if you happen upon the pool when there aren't all the families in it. Though I thought there was going to be a lot more people there. It was pleasantly busy. The kids were able to play with some of the other children that they met there and we were able to enjoy the salt-water pool. Samantha also had her first time in the pool. I forgot a bathing suit for her - bad mother - but we just took her in wearing her onesie and later just in her diaper.

She seemed to really like it. She didn't cry or fuss so that means she loved it right?

We also bought Ed & Christine's car - its a good thing we had two cars for the drive back because we came home with a TON of hand me downs from the cousins. This is Samantha **loving** the bouncy seat hand me down. Makes me wonder why we didn't have this thing like two months ago! Its a must have!!

Fun weekend - welcome to North Carolina Ed, Christine, Declan, Brigid and Ciaran!

12 Weeks

Well this is kind of funny - Samantha is officially 12 weeks old which would mean that she is 3 months old but I don't feel like she is 3 months old until the 30th of the month which isn't until next week!

Just this past week - even the past few days - I have noticed that she is reaching out for toys and such now. This is definitely new.

She has also started sucking on her hands. She prefers them to a pacifier which I hear is both a good and a bad thing. Good because she can control those fingers and she can find them in the middle of the night as compared to a pacifier which she can't necessarily control and definitely can't find when it falls out of her mouth. Bad because it is a hard habit to break if it becomes a problem later. You can't take away her fingers!

I've noticed she is sucking mostly on her pointer fingers which was actually my finger of choice when I was younger. Can that be a trait that is passed on? Here I caught her in action!

Samantha is also quite the spitter-upper (that's a technical term). I swear both her and I go through 3-4 outfits a day. It doesn't seem to bother her and she seems to be gaining weight and if her diapers are any gauge there is definitely enough getting into her. So this is mainly a laundry issue - as the pediatricians like to say. This is another trait that I hope she outgrows soon though.

She's a continual joy to our lives. I tell people that on average she's awesome. She has her moments where it seems like a demon has taken control of her but overall I feel that she is a very good baby and has been little trouble. She seems adaptable to different people, places and situations. So much to love!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

I snapped these pics while Sammie was on her activity mat. I can't believe how big she's getting...look at these pics in this outfit compared to the one I took on July 5th (ha, look at that buddha belly!).

July 5, 2010

This outfit was so big on her six weeks ago and now its definitely getting to the point of retirement.

Looks like she is giving that big monkey a nervous glance. She actually likes him a lot - when he is hit just right he plays some music and has some sounds. Rick and I have memorized his "tunes"

She loves hitting that lion - he's got a bell in him that makes her happy.

Murphy felt left out...

Get together with the mommies

Got together today with my friends Stephanie and Katie. We all have new babies in the past few months. Here we are in March when we got together for dinner all pregnant like...

Here we are with our new babies on a little shopping and coffee trip. Stephanie's first born, Jay, also joined us. Here's the crew!

Jay (4yrs), Stephanie, Ty (5mos), Katie, Colton (7wks), Samantha (11wks) and me

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Me and my kids

Love them!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A visit from Dayton

Today we had a fun visit from Dayton, OH in the form of Tricia! I met Tricia when I lived in Dayton while working for GE. Immediately when I moved there I looked up the local Junior League to see if there were any events I could attend in order to meet some people. The only thing going on was a book club meeting that same week. I hadn't read the book but thought I could definitely drink some wine and eat some appetizers. At that book club meeting I met Tricia!

Tricia is taking a driving tour of many of the eastern states. She headed south through Tennessee to Atlanta and then drove up to Charlotte where she visited with us and some other friends she had in town. She came and held Samantha and put her right to sleep! She's hired! We also went and had lunch at Dish. She has consulted The Food Network and their recommended restaurants in the towns she is going to visit. Rick and I hadn't been to Dish in awhile even though its a mere mile away from our house. Its good southern cooking and we really enjoyed it! We will have to return soon.

Thanks for visiting Tricia! So glad we made your itinerary!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tara & Jimmy are married!

This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of our good friends Tara & Jimmy! I was proud to be one of Tara's bridesmaids. I met her 5 years ago at the YMCA at 6am as a part of the Y-Runners group. I met many of my good friends there. Thanks Y!

It wasn't just a one day affair but a whole weekend of fun. Thursday night they get together for friends and out of town guests at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.

We took this awesome family shot that night...

Samantha got to show off a lot of her cute cute party dresses this weekend. Here was Thursday's...

The poor thing had gone to get her two month immunization shots that day and had a rough afternoon. I was supposed to go get my nails done with Tara, her mother, grandmother and Meredith but instead I was trying to console my hurting baby. Thank goodness for baby acetaminophen! I can't say Baby Tylenol because all the infant Tylenol products are still under recall and I had to buy the Target generic brand. It still worked very well. My poor baby.

On Friday, Tara hosted a wonderful Bridesmaids luncheon at the North Harbor Club...and it was actually more than just the was all the female family and visitors from out of town. It was such a nice group of ladies. The North Harbor Club was really nice. I will have to go back there when its a bit cooler and sit outside looking at the water on Lake Norman.

Here is Samantha's cute outfit for the luncheon (seriously its all about the outfits)...

Friday evening was the rehearsal at St. Peter's....

Samantha was very good during the rehearsal...this is what she did the whole hour that we were there in her cute brown outfit...

The rehearsal dinner at the Charlotte City Club which I had never been to before. It had some beautiful views of the city and the space was gorgeous! I was in love with the chandeliers there...

Here is Meredith holding Samantha...

Samantha did not do as well during dinner as she did during the rehearsal. As soon as the salad was served she got restless and I missed most of the dinner (sigh).

But then afterwards, Jimmy's parents hosted a cocktail reception at the Westin Lobby bar that really was quite fancy. There was a food buffet for the kids as well as the adults. The kid's mac n' cheese was not to be beat though!

Here are Tara and I at the cocktail reception. Rick and Samantha let mom have a night out...

The wedding was was a warm day but the humidity was a bit reduced that day. Samantha came to the ceremony and then spent the afternoon/evening with Rick's parents and sister Lori. Before she went home, we took a moment for a family photo.

Then the proud parents each had to take a picture with the cute baby girl.

Tara and Jimmy rented the trolley to get the bridal party to the reception. I had it at my wedding too and I just love it. It adds a really festive air to things.

The reception was at Byron's Southend Atrium. It was a really neat modern and contemporary place to have a party. It was so much fun...there were a lot of my friends there and I had a lot of fun dancing and talking to everyone.

This is a picture of the girls that I met at the YMCA when running. Kelli, Meredith, Tara, Megan with her son James and then of course me. None of us go to that YMCA anymore and Megan moved to LA, but we formed some great friendships very early in the mornings.

Here are some more pics of the party...
Geoff, Brian, Rick and Tim

More running buddies! April, Brooke, Tara, Me and Meredith

Tara and I

The happy family

Jimmy and the girls! Keri, Colleen, Brooke, me, April and Jen

What a fun party!

On Sunday morning there was a casual breakfast gathering at the Westin. It was good to et a chance to say goodbye to Tara and Jimmy's family and friends that I had spent the weekend with.

Congratulations Tara & Jimmy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Month Doctor's Visit

We went today to the pediatrician and saw the nurse practicioner there which was nice because she is a lactation consultant and it was good to be able to ask some breast feeding questions of her. Here is Samantha's two month stats compared to her one month visit:

Weight - 12lbs 5oz - 70th percentile (up 1lb 10oz)
Length - 22.5in - 34th percentile (up 1in)
Head - 40.5cm - 76th percentile (up 2cm)

Now, I got these percentiles online...I forgot to ask at the pediatrician's office. She seems larger compared to other kids I've seen so I wonder if some of those percentiles should be higher?

Samantha did very well though we were kept waiting in the room for 30 minutes before the nurse could come in and see us and that was about 30 minutes too long for Samantha. Right at 30 minutes she decided she was hungry and done being there and was getting fussy. She propped herself up on her elbows which I hadn't seen her get that high before. She has always seemed to have really strong neck muscles. I suppose rolling over will come soon? No more leaving her alone on the bed while I get something from the bathroom!

She also got three shots today for vaccinations. Her vaccinations were Pentacel (combo of DTap, IPV, and Hemophilus meningitis), PCV (penumococcal meningitis) and Rotavirus. I knew they were coming and I knew she would cry but when that nurse stuck her with the first needle, Samantha's eyes got real big and then she let out a very loud cry. The nurse was good she did them real quick to get them over with. I was surprised at how much I cried this time. My poor baby. But really I do think she was more concerned about how hungry she was. I hear that a lot of babies get real fussy with all of these vaccinations at once. Hopefully we'll be fine. We have lots of events for the wedding of our friends Tara and Jimmy to go to over the next few days.

Her next doctor's visit isn't until 4 months.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A visit from Syracuse

Samantha had a very special visitor this weekend! My friend Jennifer who lives in Syracuse, NY came to visit us Friday thru Sunday. Jenny (I still call her Jenny even though she hasn't gone by that in about 10+ years - old habits are hard to break!) and I met in 7th grade when I lived in Manlius, NY. We met in the tall girl section of the choir. When I moved after my freshman year of high school, we still called and talked and visited regularly. With us both having children now (hers much more active than my Samantha!) we don't talk as much but it still is good to get together and catch up!

Unfortunately when Jenny landed, I had to pick her up and go straight to the hospital. Rick had been in a car accident on Friday afternoon. He and three of his friends were driving back from the golf course when a 17 year old boy pulled out from a stop sign into moving traffic and hit our Honda Pilot in the driver side door, spun the SUV and flipped it a couple of times. Rick was fine except for some scrapes, bruises and probably a minor concussion. He went to the ER to get checked out and all signs were okay. Unfortunately our friend, Jason, who was sitting behind Rick was thrown from the vehicle. He had some internal bleeding in his pancreas and spleen as well as five broken ribs - one of which punctured his lung. It was scary times over the weekend. Jason is now mending well and is off all of the tubes they had inserted into him. However he is still in a lot of pain. Hopefully he will be able to come home soon. We keep praying every day for him.