Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Months

These five months have flown by. Rick and I laugh because we talk about our daughter so much and all of her "big achievements". I know it probably sounds mundane and ordinary to others - especially those who don't have children - but it is amazing how much she is learning and growing and doing these days.

heading out in our baby Pumas - Oct 1

She is so grabby now. We went out to dinner last week and I brought her onto my lap and within a second she had the spoon full of spinach and artichoke dip in her hand and headed towards her mouth! She especially loves electronics! Cell phones, remote controls and computers.

Samantha is "facebookin" with Daddy - Oct 19th

She is rolling over a lot now. She will take days off of it but has gotten quite good at going from her back to her belly. She has done it a few times in her bed and has NOT been happy about it. The poor thing will spit up a lot when she is on her belly and I'm sure it makes her uncomfortable.

Its starting to get colder for our morning walks - we are starting to bundle up more and more!

yay! go IU! we only have minimal IU gear if anybody wants to buy us more! :)

We started on solid foods on October 8th - mostly just rice cereal. At best she thinks its "ok". We'll be moving on to bananas and peas here soon.

While she eats she will take a bite and then stick her two middle fingers in her mouth. Those seem to be the favorite at the moment. Its her big comfort a lot of the time. Helps her go back to sleep and just soothe herself when she is getting worked up.

looks like she has three of them in there now, but usually it looks like the 'hook 'em horns' from Texas

playing with a noisy toy that a friend gave us - Mommy likes it too

Samantha is growing and growing - she is at 16lbs right now.
cutie duck outfit from Aunt LeeAnn - Oct 20th

Favorite toys include - Sophie the giraffe, this crazy "ball" - that I would recommend for everyone - it is so easy for her to grab!, Sparkles the Elephant and Ms. Smartypants (which I blogged about here)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our adventure in food tasting

On October 8th, I started offering rice cereal to Samantha. She ate it alright for a week or more and then just about refused to eat any of it after that. I have tried again here or there but she just doesn't seem to excited about it. But she sure looks cute in the big high chair.

One night I tried putting her in the bouncy seat - it gave her better access to her foot which she has just recently discovered.

In between bites she sucks on her fingers and holds on to her foot - too funny.

Samantha doesn't need anything else than breastmilk right now so I am not too worried about her eating too much. We'll keep introducing food. Perhaps bananas soon or sweet potatoes...hmm we'll see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Yesterday we went to Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC to go pick some pumpkins! It was a great day. They took us out on a tractor pulled wagon to the pumpkin fields where we could each pick a pumpkin and there were some animals for the kids.

city folk posing with the tractor

she did NOT want to look up at the camera - but still a cute little pumpkin

me and my cutie

the fam

pumpkins are yummy

Sammie with her friend Norah

our little pumpkin