Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Half a year old

Oh my little girl is getting so big! I can hardly believe that half a year has flown by. (I think I say something like this every month! She really is growing up too quickly!)

Big milestones this month...

Eating - she still isn't too excited about solid food. We take time off from it here and there but some of her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes and pears. Because of necessity we had to introduce prunes. Not a favorite of hers but she thinks they're okay.They are quite "effective" too if you know what I mean! We are still notgetting through a 1/3 of a small jar of food - but she will surprise us every once in awhile by eating a whole half of a container.
messy eater! she likes to hold her own spoon - November 11

Mobility - she is a rolling over genius these days. She's figured out how to go both ways now! She will also spin herself in a circle on her back - her head will be in one spot but the rest of her will move 360 degrees.

rollover action shots taken by mom's cell phone - November 18

Sitting up - she had been working on it and working on it and the week after we left Milwaukee, she finally was able to consistently hold herself up all by herself! It wasn't until the end of the month where she was really becoming a master of this skill.

sitting up all by herself - November 27

Favorite toys - she still loves Sophie the giraffe and Sparkles the elephant. She is now very intrigued by a Baby Einstein music box which has all kinds of flashing lights coordinated to classical music as well as her rainforest jumperoo. We put her in that at least once a day and watch her go to town. She is an active girl! She also spends a lot of time on her activity mat - it encourages the rolling over to try to get all of the toys that are attached to it.

in her jungle - November 3

Miscellaneous - we had to give her a minor hair cut already. At Thanksgiving, Aunt Christine and Bubba Donna helped to clean up some of the hair that had grown extra long in the back.

out to eat after watching the Panthers lose...again - November 21

Sleeping - nothing new really...she is still getting up once a night (sigh). We aren't up very long though so it could be a lot worse. Our little daily routine has roughly worked out to be at bed at 7pm, up at 2am, up again at 7am, nap from 9-11am, then nap from 2-4pm - repeat.

waking up from a nap - clutching one of her homemade blankies - November 2

Six Month Doctor's Visit

We survived another trip to the doctor today. Here are our stats...

Weight - 17lb 1oz - 75th percentile (up 2lbs)
Length - 26in - 55th percentile (up 1.5in)
Head - 44cm - 85th percentile

The doctor said everything was looking good and on track. I had been wondering if she should be still getting up in the middle of the night or if I should be doing the "tough love" thing and letting her cry it out. Samantha has still been getting up once a night and I've been feeding her because she's been going right back to sleep. The doctor said that it was probably fine but if she was getting up more than once a night then that would be a problem. We talked about offering her more foods and about expecting more and more mobility out of her.

Poor thing got three shots - two more of the usual and one flu shot. She got kind of yowly in the afternoon after waking up from her nap. Thank goodness for Baby Tylenol (or the generic version at least).

We go back at nine months.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Samantha's First Thanksgiving

We had a great time spending Thanksgiving with the Kobsik family in Chapel Hill. The Dolans hosted many of us in their nice new house for Thanksgiving dinner - it was a full house. Samantha and her brother, Murph, were a hit with everyone. Great and fun weekend. We are full of thanks for our many blessings.

Bubba Donna with the girls

in our PJs celebrating Nathan's birthday

Nathan is 3!

woohoo, Samantha's first Thanksgiving!

Emerson and Samantha go for a walk

with Aunt Mary

the feast

snoozin' with Papa Fred

playin' with Brigid's doll

We had a professional photographer come to take a big family photo - all 18 of us. We all dressed in blue for the occasion. Here are some of the pics I took while waiting for the big photo.

great new family photo

Dad and daughter

me and my girl

Lori, Sammie and Rick

Hudson 10mos (Emerson's cousin), Samantha 6mos and Emerson 11mos

Christine, Sam and Rick

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Portrait of a Pretty Girl

We went yesterday to get Samantha's pictures taken...we ended up with a lot of cute pictures. Here are some of them...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Samantha's first plane ride

This past weekend Samantha and I took a big trip up to Milwaukee, WI to visit my sister and brother. I was kind of nervous about taking Sammie on her first plane ride by myself. I think the gear alone was what made me the most nervous. How does one person carry all the gear that a baby needs!? I checked everything but the baby, an umbrella stroller and the diaper bag. I also brought the Bjorn which ended up being a great idea because in Charlotte the planes boarding and exiting did not have a jetway so I had to climb up and down the stairs carrying her. It was good to have my hands free to go up and down those steep stairs.

Rick helping us to ticketing

On the way there we had an empty seat next to us so Samantha was able to lay down on the seat and play and actually take a nap there.

even Sophie got to go to Milwaukee

LeeAnn met us at the airport and brought us first to Gary and Renata's house where we just hung out and talked and played with the kiddies. This was the first time that we got to meet Luisa who was born six weeks after Samantha! It was also great as always to see Mr. Lukas who at two and a half years old is proving to be quite the Energizer Bunny. Always on the go and trying to get into something!

Sammie and Luisa kicking back

Lukas paused for one second to take this picture

Samantha was loving Aunt LeeAnn's glass of water! Time to get that girl a sippy cup!

On Saturday we spent a very nice and low key day. I went running (got lost) and then LeeAnn, Tory and I went shopping. That evening LeeAnn hosted dinner where Nolan joined us as well as the Lerch family. It was such a nice dinner. So great to spend time with my siblings and their kids.

the "old" cuzzins Nolan and Tory

all the cuzzins! Tory is on record as saying she doesn't like children - this is a picture to remember. Nolan also had his hands full trying to keep Lukas on his lap!

Renata and I with our babies - compare it to this picture in March

On Sunday we went over to our great Aunt Pat's home. Sister Pat looked great and is still super busy with her work at Alverno College. She is an inspiration!

going out - this is what I call her Sammie from the Block look

Sam with Sister Pat

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent with my family. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do while there. Talk, chat and squeeze some babies. I only wish we lived closer and could do it all more often. Good thing we'll be seeing each other at Christmas in Florida this year!

Samantha was great on the plane on the way home - another nap! Strangers were super nice about helping us out when my hands were too full to get the stroller through security etc. I'm thinking five months old is a great time to fly with a baby.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 4 Years

Rick and I celebrated four years of marriage yesterday. We went out to Fleming's Steakhouse downtown and had a fabulous dinner where they wrote our anniversary date on the plate of the yummy dessert. Rick and I like to give gifts that go along with the traditional anniversary gifts. Four years is "fruit and flowers". I tried to be creative with it and gave Rick BurBERRY cologne and a sweater from BANANA Republic. Rick gave me a bottle of the brand of wine we had on our first date, a dozen red roses and one pink rose that stood for Samantha (very cute), chocolate with orange in it and a gift certificate for five massages. Fantastic!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not a fan

I'm not even a Carolina fan but this is cute

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Back to Business

Today I did my first race since Samantha was born! I did the Dowd YMCA Half Marathon. Samantha doesn't know it, but she did this race with me last year when I was 10 weeks along. I had a respectable time of 2hours flat - a 11 minute improvement over last year...but still 10 minutes slower than my best half marathon time.

This race is actually just a pit stop along my way to a bigger goal - the 2011 Mardi Gras Marathon on February 13th. Yes, I have done it again. I have signed up for a marathon. I have questioned my sanity many times but it comes down to this...I get charged up by having a goal. A big part of me wants to be able to say - I ran a marathon less than a year after giving birth. I am also very susceptible to peer pressure. I will be traveling to New Orleans with 4 otherfriends signed up for the marathon and 2-3 others signed up for the half marathon.

My post baby body has had some challenges with running. Be it the new pain I am feeling in my hips when I hit double digit miles, or the way I trail way behind my friends while climbing the millions of hills that are in Charlotte, or the way I need to wake up earlier to pump, or the way I need to wear two sports bras (or I just found a heavy duty sports bra that works wonders) or the way that the bouncing up and down of running makes me want to stop to pee a lot more often! :) I remember that Labor Day weekend I went for a run with my friends...they were doing 10 miles and I was doing my first long run...6 miles. That was one of the hardest runs I have ever done and boy was 6 miles long! I am hoping that as I lose more weight that my running will feel a lot better. I am currently at 1-2lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight but about 6-7lbs over the weight at which I ran my best marathon. I am trying to get as close as I can over thenext 8 weeks despite the holidays.

Another change that post-baby running has brought is the scheduling of it all. I used to be able to get up whatever day I wanted and go head out the door to meet friends without thinking twice. Now I need to make sure that Rick will be home to be there with Samantha. Or I need to wait until Samantha gets up and is fed and we can head out with the jogging stroller. Though running with Samantha has its challenges. I have been running with Samantha in the carseat on top of the BOB. This adds considerable weight to the stroller and it is HARD! I have a threemile route that keeps us off of main roads and when I first started a few months ago I walked most of it...now I am trying to phase more and more of the walking out. Oooh those hills are hard.

Samantha in the "big girl" part of the stroller for the first time - November 1

Just last week, Samantha and I had our first outing with her in the "big girl" part of the stroller. It was only for a walk, I have yet to run with her like that but I think she should be just fine. I have padded it with a carseat "cozy" that seems to help keep her in place.

So what is my goal for the marathon? Ultimately I just want to finish. I think something under 4:30 would be a good goal for me. My best marathon time was 3:53 and my slowest was 4:38 done a month after my wedding with minimal training.

I'll try to post my training online here...think good and fast thoughts for me. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day

I took Samantha to the voting polls today - we voted together. :) She even got a sticker

Happy Halloween!

We had a GREAT Halloween weekend! On Friday, I took Samantha to a Halloween play date in the neighborhood. I put on her little skeleton outfit and off we went. It was so fun to see all the cute little costumes. Before we left, Rick had to get a picture with Samantha...

I carved the pumpkin below using Samantha's hand as a stencil for the eyes. It was very funny trying to get her to lay her hand flat on the piece of paper and then to stay still as I traced around it. I got a pretty good semblance of her hand print. Murphy is posing with the pumpkin.

This is probably the best picture of Murphy we've ever taken - so regal.

Our cutie-patootie skeleton!

I tortured Murphy and put his skeleton shirt on him. I got it a couple of years ago for him as his costume. He had to match his sister!

Yay Samantha!

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Halloween parade in the neighborhood. The Caseys met us there.

Little Norah is getting so big. I can't believe she is walking - almost by herself.

Samantha slept through a good portion of the parade.

Here's a shot of the crowd before the parade. There was a fantastic turnout. There had to be a few hundred people there. Lots of great costumes on the kids and some on the parents as well. Rick and I will have to step it up next year.