Sunday, January 30, 2011

8 Months

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas in Florida

Sammie's first Christmas was such a fun one. We drove down to Florida to Grandma and Grandpa Lerch's place. We left on Friday, December 17th and drove to our friends' (Scott and Kristy) place outside of Savannah. Samantha had fun poking at Evan who was born in September.

Karate Kick! Evan Huntley 3 months, Samantha 6 months

We got to Florida on Saturday and had such a wonderful week with my family. Everybody was able to come. Debbie, Carsten and Maxx flew in from Stockholm; LeeAnn, Nolan and Tory flew in from Milwaukee; so did Gary, Renata, Lukas and Luisa.

I took a run on Sunday down to Fort Myers Beach. I ran across the San Carlos bridge and the view was beautiful. I guess it was about 6-7 miles.

pier down on Fort Myers Beach

We had a great time swimming!

Daddy and Sammie - all smiles after a dip in Grandma and Grandpa's pool

basking in the sun

that Dove box is taaaaaasty

showing Maxx how things are done in the hot tub

Mom and Sammy enjoying the day

Grandma and Sammie - all smiles!

hangin' out

One day we went out to visit Santa. Nolan and Tory were good sports to come along!

cutie in the "snow"

posin' with Grandma

We had to do our "Christmas Eve" early because LeeAnn, Nolan and Tory had to go back home early. We took some family photos first...

The Schaffs

The Lerchs

The Brautigams

The Kosiks

Proud grandparents


Then we got down to the business of opening up gifts!

Samantha's favorite part was eating the wrapping paper!

posing in my new rad pjs

yummy new gift

Lukas loving on his sister

going WILD in the jumperoo

Maxx loves Samantha's xylophone!

playing with the toys the morning after - they rock!

I went for another long run the next day. I decided that I would try running over the bridge to Sanibel. It was beautiful. I was wondering though why I wasn't seeing more runners along the way! It wasn't until the way back that I saw the no pedestrians sign! Whoops! I'm glad I got to do it once though.

top of the big bridge on the way over to Sanibel

On Christmas Eve we had such wonderful weather so we took Samantha over to Sanibel to play in the sand a little bit. She loved it. It was funny...she tried and tried to get the sand in her mouth. It was so fine that at first it was just flowing through her fingers. Then as her hands got a little wet she was successful in getting it into her mouth...and a LOT of it!

a new way to stroll the beach

Merry Christmas!


We drove home the whole way on Christmas Day. Samantha was such a trooper in the car. She ate and slept so well. Thank goodness!
My first a car

Monday, January 17, 2011

On the move

Samantha is getting the hang of the walker that we borrowed from her friend Norah. It is so fun to watch her run with no abandon. Her arms are up and she has no control - its so energetic.

On the move from Becky Kobsik on Vimeo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hand-me down Mt. Everest

Samantha is a lucky, lucky girl. She has some very fashionable older cousins on her daddy's side that have shared their outgrown wardrobes with her. Every couple of months we get another storage tote from Aunt Mary full of clothes and shoes. Samantha has more clothes than Rick and I combined. This past weekend we got the 6-9 month tote and today I went through Samantha's drawers pulling out the clothes that she outgrew and putting them in a pile. Look what I built...Mt. Hand-Me-Down Everest!

Somebody in this family needs to have another girl so that some lucky little girl can use all these clothes again!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It amazes Rick and I how busy Samantha can be. She "exercises" all day. Whenever she ends up on her back she does a lot of what we call her calisthenics. She pumps her arms and legs really fast. This video actually is pretty tame compared to what she is capable of. I also call this a video only a parent can love :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Before I write down this year's resolutions, let's look back to see how 2010's resolution panned out...

My 2010 to-do's....
+ Organize my design area
-Accomplished...kind of...feel like I am fighting a losing battle in there. I also like to design at the table and on the couch...sometimes I wonder why I have a separate area.
+ Decorate a nursery
-Accomplished - it looks pretty darn good I must say! Check it out here
+ Get rid of a lot more stuff
-Accomplished...but I do have the itch to get rid of more! Should I get rid of my old work clothes? Sell the ottoman? Sell the desk in the "office"? Get rid of, get rid of, get rid of!
+ Go to church more regularly - and remember those collection envelopes so I can PROVE that I went!
-Accomplished - but I did fall off at the end of the year. I think it was from coordinated so many weddings in September, October and November. This is my resolution again this year.
+ Go hiking in the NC mountains (or closer by – anywhere!)
-FAIL - (sigh)
+ Finish my Graphic Design degree
-Accomplished - thought I was going to be done in May but I had to take one more class over the summer. Though I have yet to see a diploma -- better check on that one.
+ Take a BabyMoon
-Accomplished - we went to Savannah in March
+ Have a baby
+ Make it through the first seven months of parenting without making any major mistakes that would permanently scar our daughter for life
-Pretty sure we accomplished this one - we made it through 2010 without trips to the ER, divorce court or a psychiatrist and Samantha seems like she is a pretty happy little girl. So far so good!
+ Get a job
-Well...I decided to stay home with Samantha and work on my design biz. Hanging with Samantha kept me a lot busier than I thought it ever would. So I didn't grow the biz as much as I thought I would. I might investigate employment outside of the house in 2011.
+ Do a triathlon in the fall
-FAIL - I had a tri in mind on October 3rd but for the first few months, the thought of getting on a bike sounded like extreme torture and then as I said before I was super busy and just fitting was hard to do.
+ Try for a half marathon by the end of the year
+ Celebrate 4 years married
+ Grow a year older (and wiser)
-Accomplished - not sure about the wiser part
+ Design more invitations
-Accomplished - actually was pretty busy this year seeing that I had a baby and have just been working via word of mouth!

Pretty good report card I would say.

My to-do's for 2011...
+Finish a marathon! (I am set to do the Mardi Gras marathon on Feb 13)
+Get some landscaping done
+Make rkDesigns an official business
+Take a trip for our 5 year anniversary
+Love on my daughter every day
+Try that triathlon thing again this year
+Go to church more regularly

Those are my big ones -- hopefully they will be attainable!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Celebrating the New Year

We had a nice time celebrating the New Year. Rick and bro-in-law, Ed, went to the afternoon Bobcats game while Samantha and I went over to Tara, Jimmy and Norah's place. While we were there the girls gave Norah's new Radio Flyer a spin around the block. They both had the same stoic face on the whole time -- that means the liked it right?!

After the game was over, Christine and I met Ed and Rick out for dinner at Enso, a sushi restaurant in the Epicenter in downtown Charlotte. It was my first time eating there and it was great! We chowed down on some fantastic sushi.

Ed and Rick - feeling very festive

me and Christine

After dinner we hijacked Lori and made her come to Fred and Donna's with us. Overall though we faded pretty quickly once getting back to the house. We were all asleep before 10:30pm. That was the first time in a while that I hadn't seen midnight. It wasn't so bad!

Murphy celebrated with us too

Ciaran (of course) liked the noise makers

me and Brigid

woohoo, party people!

We spent the night at Fred and Donna's and the next day we all went swimming at the Y and Donna made us a delicious ham dinner. Yummy