Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Before I write down this year's resolutions, let's look back to see how 2010's resolution panned out...

My 2010 to-do's....
+ Organize my design area
-Accomplished...kind of...feel like I am fighting a losing battle in there. I also like to design at the table and on the couch...sometimes I wonder why I have a separate area.
+ Decorate a nursery
-Accomplished - it looks pretty darn good I must say! Check it out here
+ Get rid of a lot more stuff
-Accomplished...but I do have the itch to get rid of more! Should I get rid of my old work clothes? Sell the ottoman? Sell the desk in the "office"? Get rid of, get rid of, get rid of!
+ Go to church more regularly - and remember those collection envelopes so I can PROVE that I went!
-Accomplished - but I did fall off at the end of the year. I think it was from coordinated so many weddings in September, October and November. This is my resolution again this year.
+ Go hiking in the NC mountains (or closer by – anywhere!)
-FAIL - (sigh)
+ Finish my Graphic Design degree
-Accomplished - thought I was going to be done in May but I had to take one more class over the summer. Though I have yet to see a diploma -- better check on that one.
+ Take a BabyMoon
-Accomplished - we went to Savannah in March
+ Have a baby
+ Make it through the first seven months of parenting without making any major mistakes that would permanently scar our daughter for life
-Pretty sure we accomplished this one - we made it through 2010 without trips to the ER, divorce court or a psychiatrist and Samantha seems like she is a pretty happy little girl. So far so good!
+ Get a job
-Well...I decided to stay home with Samantha and work on my design biz. Hanging with Samantha kept me a lot busier than I thought it ever would. So I didn't grow the biz as much as I thought I would. I might investigate employment outside of the house in 2011.
+ Do a triathlon in the fall
-FAIL - I had a tri in mind on October 3rd but for the first few months, the thought of getting on a bike sounded like extreme torture and then as I said before I was super busy and just fitting was hard to do.
+ Try for a half marathon by the end of the year
+ Celebrate 4 years married
+ Grow a year older (and wiser)
-Accomplished - not sure about the wiser part
+ Design more invitations
-Accomplished - actually was pretty busy this year seeing that I had a baby and have just been working via word of mouth!

Pretty good report card I would say.

My to-do's for 2011...
+Finish a marathon! (I am set to do the Mardi Gras marathon on Feb 13)
+Get some landscaping done
+Make rkDesigns an official business
+Take a trip for our 5 year anniversary
+Love on my daughter every day
+Try that triathlon thing again this year
+Go to church more regularly

Those are my big ones -- hopefully they will be attainable!

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