Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 month doctor's appointment

We just got back from Samantha's 9 month check-up today. Here are her stats compared to her 6 month checkup in November...

Weight - 18lb 9oz - 50th percentile (up 1lb 8oz)
Length - 28in - 70th percentile (up 2 in)
Head - 45cm - 75th percentile (up 1cm)

Samantha is getting a more pronounced fear of strangers - or she just remembers Dr. Giftos and all his poking and prodding and cries/is very wary when he is around. Dr. Giftos mentioned that she does seem to have an awareness of an older baby (we have a genius :)) in the way she regards him and takes him in. We talked about eating and keeping her safe as she gets more mobile. Only one shot this time but also a finger prick for some blood tests. She was not a fan of either of these but recovered quite quickly. Brave girl.

Again - perfect in every way!

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