Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 months

Rick and I continue to delight in watching Samantha grow and discover the world around her. Every day it seems like she is learning something new. Such a busy bee...always playing and moving and exploring. She is such a beautiful little girl. We are amazed that she is ours.

our beautiful little girl? I love, love, love this picture - Feb 3

Milestones this past month...

A trip away - Our trip to New Orleans was the first time that both of us had left Samantha at the same time. She (and Murphy) stayed with Bubba Donna and Papa Fred (Rick's parents) while we were away. She did great and her grandparents did even better.

Rick and I in Jackson Square - Feb 12

Mobility - she officially started crawling this month. She had been inching around on her butt, rolling here and there but she finally put the pieces together for crawling over the weekend of the 19th.

We also put her in a walker that we borrowed from her friend, Norah, every day. She has become quite a pro at maneuvering around the house in the space ship. We even call it "space shipping". She loves to go into the room while Murphy is eating and run into his bowls. Murphy waits for her to run into them and then goes backto eating. She will then sit there while he eats...I think he likes the company despite the bowl clanging every once in awhile. Here are a couple of pics of this puppy torture.

yeah, yeah, I need to cut her bangs....I'm too scared! Feb 24

pretty astronaut - Feb 25

Working girl - Mommy started a new job right after the trip to New Orleans and so Samantha and Mommy starting going to work. I got a part time job at the YMCA where I am the Electronic Media Coordinator for three of the branches. I go to work from 9am-1pm Monday thru Friday and Samantha goes to the child watch right down the hall. I couldn't be happier about working for a great organization that stands for great things. Not to mention working with and for people who are so flexible about family time and about schedules. I think this will be a great thing for me.

Sick! - so the working girl idea leads into this milestone...Samantha got sick for the first time. Now we have had some snotty noses before but this was the first time she had thrown up and first time she had a fever. It started the weekend after I went back to work. It was so horrible on Sunday. I hope it gets easier as she gets older because this fever was probably harder on me than her. She just cried and cried and I didn't know what to do for her to make it better. So sad. A few days after she got all better, I got sick with a stomach bug and a fever. Yay - first of many for me too I'm sure.

Not feeling her best - Feb 22

Eating - she goes back and forth between chowing down at meal times to being a picky/cranky/irritable eater. She would go a few days where she would only eat one good solid food meal a day. Then she would go quite a few meals in a row where she is eating eating eating. Oh and this is new since we got back from New Orleans...she is refusing a bottle. It doesn't seem to matter who it is offering the bottle either...people at child watch, me, Rick, grandma. I haven't tested it out yet to see if its formula that she's refusing or the bottle. I haven't yet tried anything else in the bottle.

Standing - she has pulled herself up a couple of times but nothing consistent yet. If you stand her up she will play and laugh

Feb 19

With her boys - Feb 18

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  1. i love her constant attempts to say "hello!". She's such a little love. I'm always glad to have time to spend with her.