Friday, April 1, 2011

10 months

This has been a really fun month. Samantha is getting more and more busy and learning more and more tricks.

One of my favorite tricks...sleeping through the night consistently! She had slept through the night quite a few times in the past - even giving me 3-4 days in a row...but then she would follow that up with a wake up in the middle of the night for weeks in a row. Sometime at the beginning of March she started sleeping the whole way through the night. I wonder if it has something to do with being given more and more formula as I move away from breastfeeding.

Some other fun tricks...

She has perfected her crawling and loves playing underneath of things -- like the table.
March 7th

She also is pulling up on a lot of things and is starting to walk along the furniture.
March 12th

She is eating all kinds of foods now. We are introducing new things to her all the time. She LOVES bananas, avocado and cheerios. But we also get a lot of other great things too. When this picture was taken we were enjoying pancakes, eggs and blueberries. She does love some pancakes - who doesn't?!
March 6th

She is very inquisitive about electronics. Whenever she sees my cell phone she about breaks her neck trying to get at it. I also have an iPad that she loves playing with. I have downloaded some Sammie friendly apps that she can bang away at.
March 6th

She has also perfected the use of a sippy cup.
March 23rd

Something fun to watch is how she is interacting with Murphy a lot more. And he tolerates her very well. I would go so far as to say that he loves her. She crawls all over him and he will either take it and get some licking in or move away like a patient elder. He really is a great dog.

March 19th

Me and my kids - March 27th

Oh and he certainly doesn't mind the new influx of food that he is getting from Samantha...he's no dummy. He is always close at hand during meal times!
March 8th

Rick and I are so in love with this little girl Words cannot describe the depth of emotion we feel about being her parents.
St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

Favorite toys...
-her music/activity table - we finally were able to put the legs on for her to stand and play some tunes
-sorting blocks - this girl can play for hours with these blocks and the bucket and lid that it came with. In the bucket, out of the bucket, carry the lid here, crawl with it there...
-her music box - this is a toy that is getting some distance. its a little einstein toy that has lots of lights and plays classical music. I give it to her a lot when I go running with her. Its like my soundtrack for running.

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  1. AWWW, she is so so so cute. I especially love watching our kids grow more and more attached to our dog. They are so in love with her, and she would lick them to death if she could get away with it! Keep enjoying that beautiful girl!
    xo The Hanous