Saturday, April 30, 2011

Samantha's first 5k

Today Samantha ran in her first 5k! We took place in the CPCC Skyline 5k. We participated with our friends Ashley and Addie and Tara and Norah. It was a really fun race.

They started the joggers and wheelchairs in the front of the race which was a new experience. They gave us a couple minute head start. Us three mommy/daughter teams were there just for fun so were a little surprised when they started us and two men with joggers took off sprinting and then there was a woman with a double stroller that was following close behind. We felt like we needed to save face while everybody was watching us so we tried to keep up as best as possible. It was fun though having the road all to ourselves for a bit...then the masses came and passed us by. It was a pretty hilly race but it ended with a nice long downhill which was another new experience for me in Charlotte. I've never finished a race in Charlotte downhill.

We finished really well - 26:43. I really haven't done many 5k's but this is one of my fastest times. I looked it up - 24:10 was my fastest time in 2008. By doing this race in 26 minutes and pushing 20lbs of baby plus about 20lbs of stroller - I'm pretty impressed with us!

We celebrated with a breakfast out with the dads.

Tara and Norah

Norah and Samantha in their matching shirts we bought them at the New Orleans marathon

Me and my little racer

How do these things work?!

Later that night we went to our friends' John and Julie's house. John and Rick are high school friends. Scott and Marc - other high school friends - came over as well with their wives Kristy and Chris. Kristy and Scott have two boys...Dylan and Evan.

Here is Samantha hanging with the boys...and the tent...I mean spaceship.

Samantha evidently likes younger boys...she put her arm around Evan and went in for a kiss. Evan wasn't too sure what he thought about this aggressive girl and started to cry! So funny.

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