Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A visit to Chapel Hill

This past weekend Rick and I found ourselves with a weekend where we had nothing to do - very rare - so we decided to go visit his sisters in Chapel Hill. We had a nice relaxing weekend catching up with the cousins.

Samantha had a good time playing with all of the Moellers' toys...

Actually I think she tasted just about every single one of them...

When does this "everything in the mouth" phase end?

She's even got something different in her mouth in the background of this pic of Emerson who was showing off her awesome walking skills...

Samantha also got to play with Emerson's cousin, Hudson, who is 4 months older than Samantha

The weather was starting to get nice outside so Samantha got to sit in the grass a little bit - she only ate a little...

The cousins played....
Brigid and Emerson

Nathan and Declan

Ciaran won't drown on that scooter!

Nathan is safe on his bike

Samantha and Emerson

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