Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 Year in photos

I can't believe my Baby Girl is 1 year old! She has grown so fast. It is so fun to look at this photo collage and see how much she has changed month to month. At the beginning she is propped up and so tiny. At the end of the collage she is sitting up, engaged and about ready to jump off of that rocking chair!

It is so special that the blanket that my grandmother made me is in the picture and the rocking chair is the one that my mother and father bought when I was born. These are very sentimental and will hopefully get passed down to Samantha some day.

I'll keep taking pictures every month until 24 months. Then after that we'll see what she'll allow me. I hope she'll get my cheesy disposition and want to sit in that rocking chair year after year.

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