Monday, August 1, 2011

14 Months

see her first year in photos...and see month 13

We had a great July! Samantha has been learning all kinds of things like mastering walking. We even got out the baby stroller that my family gave me before Samantha was born. She loves pushing around my Cabbage Patch doll, Diana, that I (with a lot of help from the parents!) have saved for about 25 years and moved to how many states (probably 4?). There are more saved for that I know that she likes them maybe I will have to get them out!

pushing around Diana

I had to put a sack of potatoes in the base of the stroller to help weigh it down at first

Relaxed with Murphy...

Still loving on Bob the giraffe lovie a lot...

notice how she has "organized" her books behind her

Reading with Murph XL a lot...

she will get a book and sit on this stuffed doggie all the time

I went to the mountains (Saluda, NC) with some girlfriends for a weekend and had a great time. We just relaxed and shopped and went tubing! It was a great getaway...
top row: Tara, Jenn, Colleen, Keri, Meredith
bottom row: me, April, Ashley

Just love this picture of me and my kids...we were having such a nice night in and I took this self portrait. Love them.
July 15

Bubba Donna bought Samantha this super cool riding toy. At first she couldn't figure out how to ride on it and would sit side saddle. She is now becoming quite the pro

This girl is super fun. A great personality and so fun to watch her discover the world!

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