Friday, September 30, 2011

16 months

This past month has been somuch fun as we watch her on her way to becoming a master walker, learning how things work and generally discover the world around her. As doting parents, everything she does is completely amazing and a work of genius.

Cutie patootie with the crazy hair! September 1

Playing at Discovery Place Kids - September 4

Books, books, books...Her all time favoritesare "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" by Al Perkins and "Dr. Seuss's ABC's". She loves these books so muchthat she makes a very excited noise when she finds them and begs repeatedly for us to read them to her. I made some movements up to the HHFT book and she will do them along withme or if she is looking at the book by herself sometimes she will do the movements by herself. Rick and I have admittedly hid these books from time to time so that we don't have to read them 50 times in a row. Feel bad? A bit...

She loves the 100 first words book too - September 9

Here's a picture of two favorites - the HHFT book and Bobbie (formerly known as Bob) - September 16

Another favorite - the iPad, the iPhone, the iWhatever...she knows how to work those things better than I think Rick and I do. There are a lot of great apps for learning - and just entertainment too. There are books - one of our favorites is "The Monster at the end of this Book" as read by Grover.

Getting mommy and daddy to play with the iPad - September 28

We took part in Okra Fest - a made up festival our friends created. They have a fun walk/run each year and Samantha is the reigning baby champ two years in a row now. She is so proud.

This may be my favorite picture of the month - in her IU jersey before the race

Another favorite - being outside! The weather has gotten a little cooler and so we have spent some afternoons outside. She loves the front porch swing - which a year ago was our saving grace whenever we had a finicky baby.

swingin' with Dad - September 7

Can Bobbie and I go out and play? - September 26

We had flags out for 9/11 and she loved helping me pick them up!

She wore a different dress every day for weeks thanks to all the great fashions we acquired from the cousins!

I've got my fancy dress and my Vera bag (from Jenny!) and I'm ready to go! September 6

Samantha went to a birthday party for one of her classmates at the Y. The party was at the indoor pool and as you can tell, somebody LOVED the cake!

September 10

I had totally misplaced the TPC Piper Glen decal that my previous co-workers had given me for Sammie's "golf cart"! I ran across it this month and finally got her cart up to snuff....

fore! Golfing in our PJs - September 17

September saw the start to the regular NFL season. We have friends with a regular tailgate and we generally join them. Samantha loves dancing to the music, meeting people and sometimes napping at the tailgates. How she pulls that off, I'm not sure.

with April - September 18

scenes from a tailgate - guarding the cooler and making friends with Norah

Those fingers!
She doesn't go long before those fingers go back in the mouth. Its kind of frustrating but then again we haven't ever had to search for lost pacifiers. Since about 5 months (there is a pic in here of when she first started on the fingers) she started sucking those same two fingers - the two middle ones on the right hand. Hopefully she'll stop before she goes off to college.

Our usual look - two fingers with Bobbie in hand - September 27

I just like this picture :)

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