Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Discovery Place Kids

This past weekend we went up to Huntersville, NC to check out the much talked about Discovery Place Kids. We had heard that this children's museum was geared toward the younger of the kids and that it would be perfect for Sammie.

WARNING: Samantha was awfully cute this day and the momarazzi was out en force!

And off we go!

She made some friends

drove a fire truck

watch where you're going Daddy!

played "near" the balance beam

did some arts and crafts

was a NASCAR driver

walked up the ramp

and down the ramp - and repeat oh about 75 times

made a mess and helped to clean it up

played in the water table

and played

ewww don't do that!

oh she was thoroughly soaked by the end

mommy wanted ONE picture with her and she wouldn't cooperate - but we ended up with this cute picture instead

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