Thursday, June 30, 2011

13 Months

Somebody is getting to be such a big girl!

Samantha seems to be growing up at a lightning pace.

We had a great June. We unfortunately started the month by saying goodbye Grandma and Grandpa Lerch. They had stayed with us for almost a week after doing a big month-long driving trip that took them up to Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Columbus amongst other places before staying with us in Charlotte. They were here to celebrate Samantha's birthday with us, slave away in our yard (my favorite landscapers!) and love on Samantha...I think Murphy got some love too.

The first weekend in June we had a visitor! One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jenny. We had a great time visiting with her...much less eventful than when she visited last year. We shopped and shopped and found time to go to the pool.

Jenny and Samantha staying cool - June 4

bathing beauty

enjoying the splash park at the YMCA

We had such a nice weekend. It was so good of her two sons and husband to share her with us.

We love Jenny!

Samantha got a lot of great toys for her birthday - and this table and chairs from Grandma & Grandpa Lerch and Aunt LeeAnn are a hit.

June 5

She loves sitting at the table and reading her books, sorting her blocks and evidently eating her lovie - which we have now called "Bob"

Bob is tasty! June 5

It has been a hot, hot summer. We have tried to cool off a bit in the backyard.

But Samantha just loves to read her book and this is where she spends a lot of time...hanging out with MurphXL which we got at Christmastime in 2009 before we even knew that we were having a girl. We just knew that our baby needed this stuffed dog.

This month we also went on the Kobsik Family Vacation - and Samantha had a great time hanging with her cousins. We had a wonderful week bonding.

To finish off the month, we went to Knight's Castle...home of the minor league baseball team in town....for cousin Jacob's birthday. It unfortunately rained and rained that night so we weren't able to see him throw out the first pitch (like last year) but it was fun nonetheless.
Daddy and Samantha watching Jacob blow out his candles

Jacob is 13!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kobsik Family Vacation 2011

June 18 - 25th was the week of our annual Kobsik Family Vacation (see last year). Every year the family travels down to Wrightsville Beach, NC and spends a week together in a beach house. We have grown and grown while adding family most years. There were 18 of us this year! This was Samantha's second year and she loved all of the activity and family time!

Samantha got to hang with her cousin Emerson - they are 6 months apart and loved sharing food, drinks and toys of each other's.

There were many a jam session out on the deck...

Brigid, Lilly and Christine - dancing queens

grabbing my baby for a pic

Mary and Christine with their annual hand stand photo op

family pic on the beach

Sam and Aunt Lori

the four girl cuzzins

We spent Father's Day at the beach - here are all the dads and daughters

the guys...

the girls...excuse my lack of tan!

group pic on the beach

Declan turned 10 while we were at the beach!

Bubba Donna, Papa Fred and the nine grandkids

our family picture with the dunes

one for the Christmas cards...

ah...that's better

Here's a video of Sammie enjoying the water!

Fun at the Beach from Becky Kobsik on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 Year in photos

I can't believe my Baby Girl is 1 year old! She has grown so fast. It is so fun to look at this photo collage and see how much she has changed month to month. At the beginning she is propped up and so tiny. At the end of the collage she is sitting up, engaged and about ready to jump off of that rocking chair!

It is so special that the blanket that my grandmother made me is in the picture and the rocking chair is the one that my mother and father bought when I was born. These are very sentimental and will hopefully get passed down to Samantha some day.

I'll keep taking pictures every month until 24 months. Then after that we'll see what she'll allow me. I hope she'll get my cheesy disposition and want to sit in that rocking chair year after year.