Monday, October 22, 2012

A Beautiful Fall Day

This past Saturday, the 20th of October, we drove up north a little bit and went to this very picturesque farm called, Hodges Dairy Farm. No longer a dairy farm, it is still part of a working farm with crops and animals but more importantly for us it plays host to an annual pumpkin patch! 

Just for fun - you can look back at our last two years of patchin': 2010, 2011

Hodges Dairy Farm

We went up early in the morning and met some friends up there.

Norah and Samantha inspect the pumpkins
We had to test out the bouncy house. Samantha was quite brave with all the big kids - she got bounced on a few times but thought it was funny.

Pay no attention to the sign that says the wagons were just for pumpkins! You can't tell a two year old that wagons are not for toddlers as well!
is this the hayride?
This was our friend, Claire's, first hayride! I think she really got a lot out of it! :)
Claire and her mommy, April
The hayride was maybe eight minutes long but it had some bumps on it which were exciting for the kids and we got to see where all the good pumpkins were hiding! 
we LOVED the hayride!
Evan got his first hayride too - I think he was impressed!
Evan and his mommy, Carla, Samantha and her mommy and Claire and her mommy
Obligatory posed and cute pictures of kids with pumpkins...

Samantha was so serious about her job of holding Evan.  She at one point wanted to hold Claire too but we told her 'two hands on Evan!'

LOVE this shot of this lil' pumpkin...
She picked that leaf up all by herself! She has a future as a model!

After the hayride it was out to find those pumpkins we spotted from the hayride!

this way guys!
Samantha liked the green ones. We had spotted a couple from the hayride and she thought that was cool.  So did I! I've never gotten a green pumpkin before.
um guys? this is getting heavy!
Who needs a wagon when you've got Daddy?!

Can we get these too?!

that's MY pumpkin Daddy!

Its almost impossible to get a good posed picture with Samantha these days. She is not a fan of stopping and looking cute for the camera.  So mommy has to get into awkward poses and/or give her props.  Here we have both in action...

 Would love to tell you that this picture is in response to her seeing something really neat in the meadow...however remember she doesn't like to pose and be cute and that I have to trick/bribe her into cute actions? Well I asked her....'where's Mickey Mouse?' - at least she did something cute in response. Evidently he live in the middle of the meadow at Hodges Dairy Farm - who knew?!

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out outside and soaking up the 73 degree weather.  I wanted some pics with my festive front porch.  At first my only willing model was Murphy.

I had to work real hard to get them to both sit here...but here are my kids! :)
mommy sure makes us do silly things!
 We colored and colored up the sidewalk. Note the dusty knees.  Mommy's knees looked very similar.

This picture makes me laugh - epitomizes my unwilling to be photographed children! But here we are - life is seldom ever perfect huh?!

What a great day - we ended up doing quite a bit more that day! We just couldn't ignore that beautiful weather!  These are the days that we live in Charlotte for!
we will send you off with a conversation with the two year old...

A Fall Conversation from Becky Kobsik on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Resurrection of the blog

I'm guilty - guilty of being a bad blogger. Its been quite a while since I had updated this with any regularity. I let a lot of things get in the way of it - motherhood, a job, a side job with rkDesigns which at times is nutty busy, being a wife, volunteering etc etc. Anyways - excuses excuses. As I was making Samantha's photo book I found that the blog was an immensely valuable journal of our family's memories. I must make the time to jot down stuff from time to time. It doesn't have to be long - just a memory from time to time.  Call it an New October's Resolution. I want to remember that my little girl loved this purple tutu and purple Cookie Monster shirt to the point that it was almost her uniform. I want to remember that she is the cutest, smartest, sweetest little girl ever :)  (can you tell she's asleep and that looking at this picture makes me only remember the good stuff?!)
Be seeing you around the blogosphere!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally! Samantha's 2 Year Photo Book

For two years I took Samantha's picture in the same chair with the same background and in the same color clothes. Some days it was a labor of love as my active little toddler did not want to sit still for the picture.  I started taking dozens of pictures to make sure I had a good one for the collage I eventually made.  I have it at work with me and I got a large print to go in the hallway.  I didn't want to just discard all of those other pictures though.  Each picture - even though not perfect was a fun reminder of who Samantha is and a little glimpse into her personality. I made this photo book for her (finally) to help us look back at the fun memories over her first 24 months.

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.