Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some first trimester pregnancy memories

I wanted to go back and write down some of my memories from my first trimester. Looking back at the posts from being pregnant with Samantha was really helpful to me as I went through the early parts of this pregnancy and the pregnancy I lost this past summer. It was helpful to know where I was at different times during the process.

Finding out...with Samantha it was a surprise.  I didn't really get a clue until I was about six weeks along already. This time I was feeling sick and 'symptomatic' at three weeks!  I had some of my nausea to an inner ear problem - looking back, it was probably that I was pregnant and things were just getting going nice and early.

I took one of those pregnancy tests with the two lines on August 24. With Samantha the pregnancy test gave me a mixed reading. We weren't really sure if it was a positive test or not.  This time the test came back immediately as pregnant - there was no waiting the 3 minutes or however long it tells you to wait. This was an immediate double line-r.   Just to be sure, the next day I took one of the digital tests - again no waiting...that thing flashed me a Pregnant.

The nausea with this pregnancy definitely hit me hard.  There was no puking but it was definitely more intense than it was with Samantha.  I had it pretty darn good with Samantha I think.  This time I just felt crappy all day...and all night.  Sometimes Samantha would make a noise in the night that would wake me up and then I would just be laying there feeling so crappy.  Usually some food would make it feel better...of course salty is what made it better some times.  Baby also seemed to want a lot of 10:30/11:00 PM egg sandwiches. Oh they tasted so good! Rick was so nice to make them for me...I think he liked the idea of the crazy pregnant lady and her crazy requests. 

We had an ultrasound on September 14 - at 7 weeks, 1 day.  It was kind of a weird experience to walk into that ultrasound room as the last time we were in it wasn't a happy time at all. I really held my breath as the technician looked for the baby.  She found a baby that was measuring right on the date and who had a great strong heartbeat at 141bpm. Oh happy day!

Gettin' big! I am definitely getting bigger faster this time around. I could notice some bump-age starting around week 10.  I looked down and saw a growing belly!

10 weeks
 At 11 weeks I went to HomeGoods to do some shopping and after an unsuccessful trip there I walked out and saw Destination Maternity next door.  I was already uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing that day so I marched right into that store and bought myself some stretchy jeans and longer shirts!  I really haven't looked back much since then!  Its just so much more comfortable!  I still have a lot of pants that still fit but why make myself uncomfortable when there are stretchy jeans to wear?!

11 weeks getting new stretchy jeans!
Working out...was definitely harder this time around early on.  I felt lightheaded and sick during most of my workouts which was definitely not motivating.  With Samantha I was training for a marathon when I found out I was pregnant.  I decided to drop to the half marathon and finished one at week 11 and week 15.  This time I wasn't doing that much training and the running was just so hard early on.  But I managed to finish a half marathon at the end of September at 9 weeks!  

I was definitely able to finish because I ran the race with my sister, LeeAnn! It was her first half and it was fun to chat with her the whole time and go through the experience with her.

Going through this pregnancy with a toddler is definitely a different and harder experience than it was last time. I was totally exhausted during the first trimester and found it difficult at times to keep up with Samantha.  She's hard to say no to when she is being so cute. We have just had some extra snuggles on the couch.  I am feeling more energetic now in this second trimester (hence a few more blog posts coming in!) so its getting easier to play with my crazy/beautiful/active two year old.

Samantha and I at Rick's baseball game - September 23

So here we are in the second trimester - 15 weeks in. Hoping things continue down this positive path we have been on.  Every day I thank God that we were given this pregnancy and pray that the baby and I will continue to be healthy.  I know now that 40 weeks can both seem like an eternity and also go by in a flash. I'm looking forward to the journey.

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